Ex-spy handler starts his own blog…

FORMER British spy handler ‘Martin Ingram’ is now publishing his allegations of collusion between Sinn Fein, the IRA and British agencies on his own blog. His conspiracy theory is examined by an Indymedia contributor here, who comes to a rather depressing conclusion.Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere Martin – although I you’re not put off by the fact you’ve already notched up one thinly veiled threat in your ‘Comments’.

Some people…

  • Comrade Stalin

    The Indymedia story is a interesting but a bit hard to take, especially the idea that the IRA was being run by the security forces. Does anyone really believe that the IRA bombing campaigns in the UK including Bishopsgate were sanctioned by the British themselves ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Alright, further down the guy is linking to articles claiming to have rumbled Tony Blair as an MI6 puppet. I think the credibility of this stuff is somewhat limited.

  • Irish Aussie

    Let me get this straight McGuinness lure’s known informer back to Ireland,the informer is subsequently killed and this proves that McGuinness is a British agent.Its little wonder the guy was a warrant officer and not a real one.

  • And, Irish Aussie, this occurred when ‘Martin Ingram’ elsewhere has stated that he worked for the FRU from 1980-84, and from 1987-1991, so how could he have known to the greatest detail what happened to informer Frank Hegarty?

    Besides, McGuinness might have given his assurances to Hegarty, but he was overruled after Hegarty was deeply interrogated, admitting that he had stymied any Provisional offensive by spilling the beans about where all the arms depots were in the Republic.

    In sum, ‘Ingram’ is just a full-time disinformation agent still for the Brits whose assignment is to undermine any confidence in the current Sinn Fein leadership, as his call for the party to be dismantled amply demonstrates.

  • Trowbridge you have it all wrong:
    Ingram makes no informer allegations about Adams but alleges his agenda – “to defeat the IRA” – was the same as British intelligence’s “which is why they saved his life twice”.
    How long is it going to take for Republicans to understand that MI5, MI6 MI etc are rooting for a united ireland, its just that they had to stop the bombings and the slaughter.
    My enemies enemy is my best friend.
    The DUP are the enemy, get REAL.

  • starryplough

    Well, if this is the best “psy-ops” the securocrats can come up with, it is pathetic. They obviously still fear Sinn Féin so the shinners must be doing something right!

  • I disagree that Martin McGuiness is a British Spy, but he was certainly good at targetting people and getting away with it.
    He would have risen high in the British Army ranks, he was the brains behind the war campaign, if you like; an excellent strategist!

  • lurker

    It doesn’t necessarily follow that if the british had penetrated the IRA leadership they ran the whole orgainsation. Yes, they had Scap and Donaldson and the rumoured ‘big one’ so they were able to manage the poltiical direction taken by Sinn Fein and weed out those who were a threat to Adams. With Scap in charge of security they vetted every new member of the IRA. So whose IRA was it?

    But surely no one can doubt the real passions of the republican base. This was the beast that the Brits had to tame and just buying off the leaders would not have been enough to wish it out of existence.

  • DK


    And even the spies in place would have to follow orders from the leadership in order to keep their cover. This would create ambiguity in that a spy could give information to prevent an atrocity, but the British cannot act on it as it would blow the spies cover.

    The use of spies to deliberately organise and carry out operations using the IRA to further British interests would be extremely fraught and difficult to do without arising suspicions. This sort of operation would be very rare and probably limited to targets that the IRA would go for anyway (e.g. loyalist/dissident politicians and parimilitaries that the British wanted killed)


  • I wonder how many British Spies became converted to Republican Ideals as martin ingram?

  • Spirit-level, you have not showed anything I said was wrong. All you have shown is that you, somehow, just cannot read simple English.

    I never mentioned Adams, so why this irrelevant quotation, apparently from ‘Martin Ingram’?

    If you had read his posts properly, you would know that he claims that Sinn Fein should be dismantled, and a new Republican Party created in its place becuase of how the Brits had infiltrated its every move, starting with what spy Martin McGuinness did for Britain!

    And if you believe that, you obviously have no trouble believing that British military intelligence spared Adams’ life twice.

    Since at least 12 shots were involved in one assassination attempt, though, it is hard to believe that the ammo was just doctored because even two or three low-velocity shots are enough to kill anyone, even Big Gerry.

  • Trowbridge
    I’m responding to your opinion that ‘Ingram’ is just a full-time disinformation agent
    I think that’s wrong. I do accept his ideals suggesting the creation of a new Republican Party, but IMHO its too late for that.
    Stick with the one we have SF, but it needs purging on many levels

  • elfinto

    All that working with the heinous Provos has converted Jack to the republican cause. They must have found some psychological weakness or personal foible and exploited it to turn him.

    The Provos – fishers of men!

  • elfinto, yes its quite funny the way marty has himself been turned. On his website though he admits that it was seing so much b1gotry that made him a republican ! Interesting !

  • DK

    Trowbridge said: “it is hard to believe that the ammo was just doctored because even two or three low-velocity shots are enough to kill anyone, even Big Gerry”

    Unless, like Gerry, you take the precaution to wear body armour which apparently did save him.

    Spirit-level said: “I wonder how many British Spies became converted to Republican Ideals as martin ingram?”

    Ingram was a handler, not a spy. My guess is that a lot of the people they think are spies are actually double agents. Also the spies themselves will have their own beliefs and agendas which will vary with whatever is persuading them best at the time.

    Makes pinning down the truth very hard. Ingram was pro-British, then anti-British, but because he is also anti-Sinn Fein some think that he must therefore be pro-British again. Maybe he is, but he certainly doesn’t act that way. He comes off as more like a cross between the SDLP and the X-Files.

  • Busty Brenda

    Super Brit-slack jack- was the one who dressed differently and had long hair, claims Suzanne Breen in her article in gonzo’s link.

    spot the FRU guy with the long hair.LOL


  • Busty Brenda
  • Busty Brenda


    why aren’t links working?

  • elfinto

    Do you mean the ginger mullet, the baldy mullet or the speck bearded mullet?


    Jesus, I haven’t seen that many mullets since the time I worked at the Canadian passport office.

    Who were they trying to infiltrate, the IRA or the Bay City Rollers?

  • EWI

    Ingram is a bull-shitter. See ‘The Phoenix’ magazine passim

  • Busty Brenda

    I told you those guys would stick out like a tart in a room full of bishops.

    The question is did Ingram do a deal to testify with Stevens ONLY as part of a deal to have the OSA charges dropped?

    Is most of what he says heresay?

    He has already claimed most of what he says about McGuinness is a ‘gut feeling’. Therefore IS McGuiness really dirty?

    Most of what has come out via Ingram could be from Peter Keeley. Keeley had probs with McGuinness re the inquiry into whether or not Keeley was drunk when he went on an IRA operation. Hawk came under scrutiny as a double agent and Keeley had problems with him also, re teh phones and car supplied by Keeley were bugged. Scap had problems with Keeley (although it has now been accepted this guy did as was alleged). Morrison had problems with Keeley.

    Therefore what is fact and what is fiction?

  • Slugfest

    Busty Brenda and all,

    Can you please walk me through how to get to the mullet photo? the direct link doesn’t work, so i tried to look for a clue on the homepage (http://cryptome.org) but no luck.

    Comrade Stalin,

    Don’t be knocking the Bay City Rollers … Les McKeown will always have a place in my heart.

  • Busty Brenda

    CS best bet go to cryptome and use the search engine there type in Force Research Unit and search cryptome. links will appear and one will be of FRU group photo.

    ps when bay city rollers came to belfast I passed out with so much screaming!!

  • Slugfest

    Busty Brenda,

    Got it, thanks. On a side note, my sisters and I had kept every single BCR album from back in the day, so in college i decorated our living room wall w/them … quite a conversation starter.

    btw, this is SlugFest, not Comrade Stalin … forgot about the snag on slugger.

  • elfinto

    CS, LOL! At first I thought it was a photo of the Belfast Giants hockey team!

    Link 16 deos not work but No 17 does if you cut and paste into your browser.

    The lady mullet in the middle is Captain Margaret Walshaw OBE (!) who was Brian Nelson’s handler.

  • topdeckomnibus

    When I read threads like this, I ask whether the matter informs as yet unanswered questions in my experience.

    One of these questions is why were the Police never briefed on the Sean Garland plan ?

    Did someone in British Intelligence have cause to believe:

    that the sabotage plan was a bluff ?

    That the plan to infiltrate the Trades Unions (at the time, in spite of their then recent sterling war service, being labelled the “Enemy within”) could also be treated as a bluff ?

    And that all IRA terrorism would amount to was the “Stunt” campaign of bomb and bullet ?

    When you stand back and look at it, if Sean Garland had not come up with that plan then MI6 might well have had to write such a cunning enemy plan for themselves ?

    And of course with such nasty types planning to operate within the trades unions then old Harry Sporborg could found a private intelligence organisation to infiltrate the unions and put this privatized secret squirrel service at the disposal of Maggie Thatcher who he helped steer to political power.

    But those are questions from my experience.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Who was it running Army psyops and FRU ?

  • It’d be very easy for anyone to start blogging as Martin Ingram using a yahoo e-mail address and signing up to blogger. Is this the real MARTIN INGRAM?

  • ingrammartin


    Just Like you had to be patient about Freddy be patient here lads.

    quote”And, Irish Aussie, this occurred when ‘Martin Ingram’ elsewhere has stated that he worked for the FRU from 1980-84, and from 1987-1991, so how could he have known to the greatest detail what happened to informer Frank Hegarty?”Unquote

    No Trow I was in England working on the resettlement of Willie Carling has the papers have accurately recorded and also met Franko twice during his resettlement . This period does not count has FRU( NI ) BUT SIW incidently this work was for Gordon Kerr.

    In respect to Hegarty. McGuinness was the last man to see him alive and delivered him to other British Agents to be killed.t THE POLICE WERE STOPPED FROM INTERVIEWING HIM IN THE MURDER CASE and even though we had the chance to stop the murder individuals who should know better chose not to. This is a very complicated story and I ask you to be patient and like I got it right re: Stevens, Freddy, and Sea gate I will get this one right too. Just be patient I have this murderer in my sights BUT first I have Freddy in them .

    I will post on My blog the initial report from the PSNI upon the perjury charge tomorrow. Just got back from London and I am knackered, good night God Bless .


  • elfinto

    Jack must have been getting a new story from his masters. I wonder how well he has learnt his lines this time!

    BTW, what is Sea Gate? I thought it was a technology company based in Derry. Perhaps it is the code name of an agent? hmmm.

  • Thanks, Elfinto, for sparing me from making a detailed response to ‘Martin’s Ingram’s latest, breathless crap.

    The way he’s going, he will be Britain’s equivalent of the Flying Dutchman before he’s finished.

  • Comrade Stalin

    This is the real Comrade Stalin. Slugger O’Toole has so much identity theft going on it looks like a Sinn Fein corner-huddle at polling station. Any more of it and I’ll have to send the NKVD round.

    What reason has anyone got to believe that the photograph is in any way authentic ? The spook conspiracy stuff is starting to get really boring.

  • elfinto

    CS, the allegations of SF personation have been shown – by the results of elections held after the new Electoral Act was introduced – to be propaganda.

  • andy

    the photo has been in the public domain for a while, and Walshaw and Kerr are reasonably well known figures (especially the latter). I believe a Tory MP – Patrick Mercer – was meant to be pictured in the photo as well – something he denied.
    At no point however has anyone said it is unauthentic, and given the number of people with something to gain by undermining the cryptome FRU allegations, at least someone would have publicly doubted the photo between now.


  • If Carlsberg made insane people, they would make Trowbridge F Ford, probably the most insane person in the world.

    Martin/Jack is sniffing in the right direction. The only problem for sf/ira is that they can’t figure out who the top notch “spy” really is! They know, in their heart of heart’s, that both of the Martin’s mentioned in several places are, they know that Tom is, they know that Alex is. The big question is, who else????

  • elfinto

    Well, whaddaya know. It’s a double act.


  • topdeckomnibus

    I think maybe a problem with the double act, elfinto, is that they set out their stalls as “Insiders”.

    And the idea of Intelligence insiders is to find out what certain persons, outside, already know.

    And their rationale appears to be that, having been inside so long, they are now the definitive experts on what really went on outside (the big world).

    And, it seems to me from my limited experience, that Intelligence makes no allowance for people doing things just to “Bear it in mind”. IE No plan, no conspiracy.

    I realized this might be the case in my own life when HTV (Wales) took some sort of expert advice on this case http://www.matron-mcgill-decd.com/

    The Welsh TV interest in the mid 1990s was about the 1970s death (suicide verdict) of a Welsh Regional Crime Squad sergeant.

    But someone (an “Insider” presumably) told an HTV journalist that it had long been known that the McGill Decd case was a third party conspiracy.

    I sussed that the source of this insider expertise was that they had analysed a “Bear in mind” test and they had seen a conspiracy going all the way back to the Soviet.

    About 2001 as I was submitting the case to European Court of Human Rights for its inadmissibility decision (Yes Trow Minnesota Protocol) I did inform the Attorney General that the “Third party conspiracy” was actually me.

    I had worked as a bouncer with a lad called Johnny Swift. His dad was Frank Swift the secretary of the Inland Revenue Staff Federation and sort of UKs leading soviet visiting communist.

    I had asked Frank to do me a favour …..

    And I gather that as a result the civil service commission gathered the idea that there were funds available to defend me against Official Secrets Act charges then being considered against me.

    The OSA charges were about a Panorama programme which exposed poor care standards in private care homes. But on the back of that programme I was centring in on the poor care standards in Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes (see site) and in hand with that came the cause of seeking justice for Matron McGill.

    The reason I did this red herring was just to see whether it teased out anyone asking questions. On the basis that questions can be more revealing than answers.

    It was when Johnny Swift found himself suddenly befriended by a Special constable that I wondered if that might be a man asking questions about Frank Swifts interests in Sue Ryder operations (Founders Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg of MI6)

    That special constable left Kent Police and joined the TA apparently serving at the HQ of Army Intelligence Ashford 1981 to 85. Then he transferred to HSF TA Broadstairs the unit within which the arrests were made (Pat Monteath Who Pays the Ferryman)

    This was former Special constable Maison much mentioned on this site about the Deal Barracks bombing


    An ubiquitous insider sort of person ?

    I want justice for Matron McGill and I want a principle restored, which appears to have been destroyed wherever Neave trod, that no matter how high you are the law must be above you.

  • ‘Martin Ingram’, why would Mark Urban write this in Big Boys’ Rules about Frank Hegarty if he was out meeting you, and seeking resettlement in Britain:

    “On the night before the Gardai were due to raid a dump containing dozens of rifles, Hegarty was taken into protective custody. He went to a Ministry of Defence-owned safe house in Sittingbourne in Kent. He was visited there by his girlfriend, and told her his minders were MI5 men. After one month in hiding he could not bear being away any longer. He returned home, pleading innocence of any treachery, a ploy which failed to save his life.” (pp. 107-8)

    How did you ever met up with Hegarty in England? Were you his girlfriend? Or did you break into the safe house? Where did you talk with him about his resettlement? Etc.

    Sounds like some real cloak-and-dagger stuff everyone would want to hear about.