From the frontline of the Kulturkampf…

Overheard at Southampton Airport: “We passed a GAA match the other day. It was Monaghan against Dublin or something like that. We had a load GB stickers from camping in France, so we got out and stuck them on the cars that were parked outside”.

  • Woof McDog


  • Concerned Loyalist

    Someone with a sense of humour…lol

  • Someone with a sense of humour…lol

    Yeah CL, outright goddammn hilarious isn’t it, I’m sure you’d be off the couch in stitches if someone put IRL stickers on the cars outside of Linfield vs Portadown or Glenavon vs Ards.

  • I object to this act on account of it being a bland prank that isn’t very funny or clever…

    We stuck some stickers on cars… ho ho ho… but wait they were GB stickers on Irish cars… hillarious… I know, let’s stick some Australian stickers on Spanish cars… he he he… oh wait, yes actually it is just stupid…

  • eranu

    hehe. doing that would make me laugh too. get a sense of humour if you cant see the funny side of this !!
    i remember changing a mate in works screensaver and theme from celtic to rangers one time and then setting the security so he couldnt change it back. this was in dublin and i was the only prod in the office and he was a bit of a republician, but everyone saw the funny side !

  • See you’re guy was republican… hence funny prank… funny prank in this situation would be sticking “up meath” stickers on the dublin cars etc. It’s just stupid to assume that all Irish people would be put out by a GB sticker on their car. I’d crack your f*cking head if you stuck a sticker on my car, but that’s cause I have a phobia of stickers and I loves me car…

  • Barney McGee

    Agree with you 100% Pope Buckfie! As a Dubs fan
    if I saw a GB sticker on the back of my car after a match it really wouldn’t mean anything to me (I’d just pull it off) whereas the “up Meath” sticker would put a smile on my face and I’d enjoy the joke. Then of course I’d pull it off with relish!!

  • William Mclaughlin

    Why would you use relish to pull it off?

  • lmao @ Willie, genius

  • Mick Fealty

    I just thought it was funny. If that’s extent of the culture war these days, then I’d say things are on the up!!