contagious violence?

Whether, as this Press Association report appears to suggest, there was a connection to the rioting in Dublin yesterday or not, what is clear is that rioting in Portdown last night resulted in a serious attack on police officers. Update RTÉ report the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, has called for calm.


  • Why

    Loyalist’s have thier own riot after returning from riot in Dublin.

    Bloody loons the lotta them.

  • Pete Baker

    From the Press Association report –

    A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokeswoman said officers managed to separate the crowds in Portadown and push them back.

    That suggests those involved included more than just the one group you mentioned, why.

  • fair_deal

    From fair deal


    “Loyalist’s have thier own riot after returning from riot in Dublin.”

    On what do you base the claim those involved had been to Dublin?

  • Brian Boru

    NI is such an inclusive society of course. Wouldn’t have riots up there oh gawd no. Unlike the ‘dastardly, sectarian priest ridden’ republic of Eire!


    Brian Boru

  • baba

    If you’s had any knowledge of the riot, you would know that the Nationalists had came looking the riot and were initially the antagonisers.