Chaos in Dublin….

Three injured so far, two civilians and journalist. It sounds like everyone has been taken by surprise on this occasion; including the Guards who appear not to have been prepared for this scale of violence. And it sounds like the mob force has been generated not simply by Republican Sinn Fein, but Anarchist groups and then coat trailing drawing in kids and teenagers. We’ve had a report of cars burning in Kildare Street, and another that PD offices has had windows broken and at least one ethnic minority family attacked. One attempt to hijack a bus was unsuddessful.

  • I wonder what impact this will have on the appetite for a united Ireland in the Republic…

    Intentional or not, Frazer, RSF et al may have started in motion a chain of events that could make Southerners (at least if I was one it would make me) very wary of the idea of bringing Northern Ireland’s problems closer to home.

  • From what I saw, there were a couple of blag flags in the thick of the action. Most of those causing trouble though just seemed to be young thugs.

  • Pete Baker


    On the basis of the other reports, I’d suggest that PA report underestimates the number of injured.. and RTÉ say there have been 37 arrests so far.

  • Beano,
    I don’t think it will effect the inevitable united ireland to come,
    because you have the Brits trying to pull out,
    and this is bound synergetically with the Irish trying to push in.
    Its mathematically impossible for the union not to split and tear asunder.
    Its the laws of physics captain 😉

  • anon

    I was in town today with my daughter, went up around 12 o clock to have a look and you could tell within 5 minutes what was about to happen so i took my daughter home but i was still suprised at the scenes i seeing on the news.

    I don’t have much time for the garda but they didn’t deserve what happend to them today, i’d imagine most of them didn’t want that march either, personally i would of called the march off straight away as i said it was obvious what was going to happen.

    It was just young teenagers who were starting most of the trouble when i was there.

    Hopefully the right lessons are learned from this.

  • Derek de Kont

    In the spirit of the Love Ulster march Im thinking of organising something similar.

    Anyone up for marching down the Shankill on Easter Sunday in memory of all those who have died in Ireland since the English stuck their unwanted noses in.

    Any adverse reaction by loyalists or Shankill residents will of course have nothing to do with us.

    ps: wheres your gun licence Willy.

  • Keith M

    This has been a sad sad day for this country. If people are not free to have a peaceful parade which was approved by the authorities in our capital city then it is an attack on the most basic of democratic rights.

    It would be easy to score points on Irish nationalists after today’s events, and of course it been a major PR coup for unionists, but to be honest the rioting scum who stopped today’s parade probably have no official connection with SF/IRA. These are vicious troublemakers who will use any event to cause mayhem. A couple of years ago they latched on to a May Day parade.

  • Brian Boru

    One area of criticism I would have is of the lax security at the parade. Minister McDowell seems to be saying it was because of the environment they wanted to create i.e. calm. In this new age of anachist and extremist protests, that has reached Seattle, London etc. before coming to the South, it is vital that future parades, especially the 1916 one, are not allowed to meet the same fate this one did. The govt must send 1000’s of Gardai onto the streets for the 1916 march and future marches related to the Northern issue.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘but to be honest the rioting #### who stopped today’s parade probably have no official connection with SF/IRA.’

    Unlike the Love Ulster organisation, who at their launch, had very overt connections with the UDA and UVF.

  • Dave

    Give it a rest, the arugument has been lost.

    Prods out is the clear message sent and received.

  • andy

    Was Jackie McDonald at today’s love ulster parade ?

  • andy

    a good post – and a fair point. Making political capital seems to be most anti-republicans pre-occupation this evening – something you have very honourably avoided.

    another andy

  • Bemused

    Republican Sinn Féin, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1
    Telephone: 872 9747 Fax: 872 9757
    e-mail: s a o i r s e @ i o l . i e

    229 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6FB
    Telephone 9031 9004 Fax: 9031 9863

    Just in case anyone wants to vent their anger. I’ve already sent a couple of vicious e-mails. Maybe now some unwanted pizzas/taxis/piles of manure?