Welcome Mr Aaronovitch!

It looks like Mr Aaronvitch (the blogger) has got commenter problems. Not the conflictful type so much as the barfly type. I have to say I missed him joining the blogosphere: caught no doubt struggling somewhere between sorting out the commenting zone and earning a modest living. But a belated welcome to the blogosphere David! If anyone in the MSM has blogger instincts it’s you!

  • Do we really need this? David Aaronovitch even beats me when it comes to answering anyone’s critical comments.

    I remember during the lead up to the Iraq War, when he was still working for The Guardian, writing him about his support of it, and his repeated replies about how glorious it was all going to be – what I guess got him the George Orwell award after 9/11. The indignities that Eric Blair – apparently the last decent one of the line – has to experience apparently never cease.

    Aaronovitch was so sure that only mad supporters of dictatorship could be opposed to Saddam’s ouster, and that everything would work out just fine – what he says little about now, preferring to go after softer targets. Still, he got another award after all the ‘shock and awe’ had temporarily settled.

    In sum, he is a hack in the traditional sense of the word, and not a good one at that, as his going blogosphere demonstrates.

  • smcgiff

    ‘as his going blogosphere demonstrates.’

    Surely a straight red offence! 🙂