Did they or didn’t they: the great game continues

Well it’s another take your pick time. Gerry Adams is apparently livid about something the Northern Ireland Office says didn’t happen. Ah well, eyes down for the next date in the circus diary: 8th March. That’s the last date any of the parties can change Labour’s proposal to resurrect a shadow Assembly!

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  • Pete Baker

    One interesting point to note Mick, as I previously noted, Adams held a press conference on Monday to make those claims

    and then he made the same claims at a press conference on Tuesday..

    Perhaps he felt there wasn’t enough attention being paid to his preferred narrative?

  • harpo

    “We told them that it was totally unacceptable and entirely wrong.”

    That sounds like condemnation to me.

    I thought that Gerry and the rest of PSF were above ‘the politics of condemnation’? Weren’t a number of posters on here just saying that within the last few days – that the Provisionals don’t do condemnations?

    Same old, same old. When it’s Provisionals who are being held to account for something and condemned, PSF claim that they don’t engage in the politics of condemnation. But when they see something that they don’t like, they freely condemn it.

    What a shower of hypocritical clowns.

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”What a shower of hypocritical clowns.”Unquote

    Clowns tend to be funny these are two faced thugs in Balaclavas

  • harpo

    ‘Clowns tend to be funny these are two faced thugs in Balaclavas’


    I know they aren’t funny, but how do we know how many faces they have if they wear balaclavas?

    But I take your point. I normally use another word that starts with ‘c’ to describe the Provisionals

    Why, they didn’t even let me use the word ‘bigots’ on a recent post.

    This is a hapro post BTW in case it ends up being attributed to someone else.

  • harpo

    That should have said:

    ‘This is a harpo post BTW in case it ends up being attributed to someone else.’

    Certain words seem to get automatically caught and censored on here – the world that rhymes with ‘rigots’ and starts with ‘b’ for example. But it dodn’t deal with the word that rhymes with ‘bunts’ and starts with ‘c’ for some odd reason.

  • Pete Baker


    There’s an automated censoring of certain terms, devised by Mick, to try to avoid discussions unecessarily descending into playing the man.

    That’s why some words get caught and some don’t.

    But if everyone would refrain from unnecessary attacks, general and/or specific, it would be appreciated.. and it would make the threads more readable.. and the discussions, potentially, more productive.