Transparency in the talks

Every time there are talks held in Northern Ireland, there are claims of side deals done in secret. The UUP have now started to publish a summary of the talks process on their website at noon every day talks are held.

  • harpo

    UUP – leading the way.

    I must say this is refreshing compared to the likes of Provo SF who have meeting after meeting in which all sorts of non-GFA related side-deals are concocted.

    Why don’t Provo SF do this sort of thing? I’d say it’s because they like the shady dealing. If they were open about it they would have to say ‘today we asked for a special deal for OTRs’. That wouldn’t suit their agenda.

  • fair_deal

    From fair_deal

    Good idea – poor delivery. Rather than being factual about the process it descends into an excuse for a long-winded press statement (and a pretty whingey one too) that no one would read bother reading unless they were trying to get more info on the process.

  • Inuitgoddess

    “no one would read bother reading unless they were trying to get more info on the process.”

    Well, to state the obvious, why else would someone be reading a summary of the talks unless it was to get more info on the process?!?!

  • Cormac

    They seem to be mentioning the ‘Robinson-Adams deal’ a fair bit. It seems to me that the UU are trying to create or at least talk up a Moderate/Evangelical split in the DUP. Such a split is highly unlikely IMO. Anyone anything to add on this?

  • Paul P

    Disclosure by the UUP negotiators prior to the 1998 deal would have been a lot more appreciated.

  • yerman

    Laudible aims indeed from the UUP – however, they weren’t quite as keen to tell us what they were up to when they were more than just a bit-part player on the sidelines.

    We never, ever saw anything from the UUP when they were locked in secret negotiation with SF. No-one remember Trimble’s marathon 15 hour negotiating sessions with Adams? Where’s the notes from those meetings fellas????

    Can Reg not dig out all the notes from his previous meetings and show us what really was or wasn’t agreed by the UUP when they were the lead party in negotiations. Now that really would show a willingness to be truly open and transparent. A more cynical person than I might suggest that this latest little effort is merely a stunt in an attempt to de-rail current talks. I wouldnt worry too much though – next week they’ll be back to calling for unionist unity though. It usually goes in that cycle.

  • Inuitgoddess

    They lived, they learned, can the DUP not be the big man that they claim they are and do the same or can they not learn from previous mistakes?

    Is slagging the UUP all they can do…cause no offence, but its getting pretty old.