Sinn Fein expenses restored…

I’m sure Pete will have more detail on this later, but in a mega long debate in the House of Commons yesterday, Sinn Fein have had £0.5 million expenses funding under a new pot of money refered to as ‘Hoon money’ by Lembit Opik, since it inaugurates a new criteria for funding MP’s who don’t sit in the Commons. Does this now mean that there is no pressing need for SF ever to sit in a British Parliament? Associate membership by default?

  • ingrammartin


    This was a very interesting debate, I watched it live and frankly was amazed at the total lack of coherent argument advanced by Hain to justify this payment.

    Mark Durkan made some very interesting points and reminded everybody that Sinn Fein does not want to operate upon a level playing field. He explained that during the next election he would be unable to draw on these funds unlike Sinn Fein and thus he was at a distinct disadvantage on the door steps of Derry.

    It appears this is just one more financial incentive to a party that appears more interested in the financial gains of the troubles at the expense of the old Republican Ethos.

    The Govt view carried the day but the argument was a non contest. Hain looked a bumbling fool in contrast to a number of English MPs who articulated a very convincing rebuttal to the argument for these payments.

    For the record I am with Douglas Hogg on the subject of the Oath of allegiance. I have no problem with Sinn Fein not being made to swear allegiance to the Sovereign.

    The people who vote for Sinn Fein deserve to be represented in the only forum that really matters . The GFA makes clear the constitutional issues are settled the Irish Govt reaffirmed this just before Christmas. All parties to the GFA acknowledge this fact so lets embrace Sinn Fein into the realms of Normal politics in the National forum.

    At a later date should the IRA stop its criminal operations and fully decommission then the issue of the regional assembly can be restored. The MPs on all sides will clearly still have a role to play on the large stage.


  • Keith M

    Martin “Mark Durkan made some very interesting points and reminded everybody that Sinn Fein does not want to operate upon a level playing field.”

    Durkan is great for making empty speeches. If he honestly believes that SF/IRA are seeking an unfair advantage over the democratic parties, then he needs to talk to those parties with the intention of resoring democracy to Northern Ireland.

    Empty rhetoric is cheap, vision and backbone are priceless.

  • eranu

    more money for SF? £26m doesnt go far these days!!

  • Henry94

    For the record I am with Douglas Hogg

    We know.

  • me

    it pays to be have like with terrorism

  • What’s good for the goose

    It was funny watching Durkan spitting out the dummy yesterday, how dare the Shinners get money to spend on my constituents! I don’t seem to remember Mark cry when the shoe was on the other foot when the stoopers and dupers and uuppers got their money and SF didn’t.

  • J Kelly

    do you think Durkan might be worried. bring on the next election i think SF will win Foyle the next time.

  • Gum

    We all thought SF would pick up Foyle last time. What makes you think they’ll win there or South Down next time?

  • Sam Maguire

    Gum, I’d say there’s a better chance of a SF gain in South Down than Foyle because there is a distinct lack of potential successors. Eamon O’Neill? Margaret Ritchie? Michael Carr? I couldn’t see any of them beating whoever Sinn Fein put up. In Foyle, unless SF do a switch and pull McGuinness back to the city Durkan should retain the seat albeit with a reduced majority.

  • DerryTerry

    What’s Durkan complaining about? Are SF getting money the SDLP or anyone else don’t get?

  • ingrammartin


    Quote”What’s Durkan complaining about? Are SF getting money the SDLP or anyone else don’t get”Unquote

    Yes , this is a Sinn Fein pay off.No other party qualifies.


  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    People always talk about how in the north of Ireland…everything is a dance….choregraphed.

    So, SF has a brit agent that is outed weeks ago…SF remaines basically silent over the brit agent(s) within it’s ranks and voila…a nice little waltz….and SF gets some money by the brits….interesting timing and dance indeed.Say nothing about how the brits have infiltrated the ranks of sf….and get some money tossed their way…..rather unseemly…and makes them loook rather cheap.

  • Jim

    Well… isnt obvious that SF need the extra money becasue the brit agents in the ranks have expensive tastes..