Meanwhile, over in San Francisco…

Russell Beattie had the audacity to switch off comments on his blog and wipe out all the back copies. It brought a torrent of criticism in its wake. GRMA Conn, don nasc!

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  • EWI

    Mr. Delevan did the same after the feedback over his London Bombings attack on the press, some may recall.

  • harpo

    Isn’t this just another example of the elitist attitude of many in the world of blogs?

    Despite them supposedly being privately owned web logs that people choose to share with the world, or not, don’t many blog fans take them to be public property, so that the owner isn’t free to make changes?

    I’d say the owner of a blog is entitled to do whatever they want to do with them. Remove them from public view, delete all comments, change the format, not post to them. Whatever they want.

    Are blog fans the next wave of fundamentalists who don’t like their rules being broken, a la fanatical muslims?

    Will Russell Beattie be the target of a jihad by computer geeks?

  • missfitz

    I read a lot of the links to that piece and must say, I found it absorbing reading. Some of the commentators were genuinely upset and outraged that their posts and comments were being removed.

    I have just seen this as a bit of harmless fun, in between the dramas of real life. Of course, I remain conscious of what I say, as one never knows who might be reading one, but I stop well short of being possesive or protective.

    I suppose I view this as a project belonging in entirety to Mick Fealty. Although I contribute to its upkeep, I consider that a fleeting privilege and respect his right to do with the site what he will. Mind you, I missed it when the comments were off, but feel the ultimate decisions rest with the site owner.

    Interested to know what some of the other contributors think on this