Government accept no immediate return to Executive?

I’m grateful to Slugger regular Dr Snuggles for bringing this to our attention: On the Politics Show on Sunday, Peter Hain said that he wanted to “find a way forward where we can get the assembly up and running and thereafter power-sharing established and restored.” Later in the same programme, he talked of getting the Assembly up and running and then, “in due course [my emphasis], a power-sharing Executive as well”. Then, yesterday, he said: “I’m confident we can make the necessary progress to get the assembly running and the process that will lead [my emphasis] to a power-sharing executive”. An impression echoed in this morning’s Newsletter report:

It is believed there is an acceptance in London and Dublin that restoring the Stormont Executive is not possible at this stage, given the unionist position. The governments are instead looking towards the best deal, thereafter. This would inevitably involve rolling devolution. It would begin with an Assembly of some type and look to a future phasing-in of a fully-devolved government – adding bits to the jigsaw as time and trust progress. April is the deadline because it is the latest date allowed for amendments to made to the Northern Ireland Bill which will be going through Parliament.

  • steve48

    Think its clear that the outcome is sorted its just how we get there and the choreography. Dup can’t risk direct rule which degenerates into a form of joint authority and so have to come to an arrangement with the shinners based on their comprehensive agreement.

  • KathyC

    Hi all,

    It was also reported by the BBC on sunday that Hain stated the DUP “will not gallop” into power and didn’t expect a rapid return of power sharing exec. This can be found at

    Personally, the fact that SF is willing and going to these talks to come up with a new dance for them to do…shows just how desperate they are to get into gov’t at any cost. Didn’t the people already vote for the GFA…but SF wants to go to meetings and do a new dance… DUP are calling all the shots (political of course) and I don’t see that changing anytime soon especially with how SF is handling it. There will come a time, I would hope that people in SF will start saying….these leaders of SF aren’t doing it anymore and start looking for ones who will.

  • martin ingram

    Kathy C

    Quote”There will come a time, I would hope that people in SF will start saying….these leaders of SF aren’t doing it anymore and start looking for ones who will.” Unquote

    Giddy up Luv you will accused of being a securocrat shortly get your helmet ready.


  • No, just an american with a chip on her shoulder

  • heck

    Rolling devolution

    been there-done that–did’nt work!!!

    do any of you young pups remember jim prior’s rolling devolution?

  • Ultonian Scottis American


    Or nationalist/republican voters can bypass SF, vote SDLP, and DUP goes into a powersharing executive with SDLP (see yesterdays thread – 94% DUP would join SDLP in executive).

    Of course, not much progress will be made if SDLP isn’t willing to shun SF over policing, etc.

    IRA must still end terrorism, criminality, and illegally obtained assets, regardless.

    IMO, DUP will never deal without photos/video of IRA arms destruction, at least in the short, and maybe even the long term.

  • JD


    When are people, like yourself, going to realise that this blind ‘Ah well’ the DUP won’t move so it we have to look to SF is at an end.

    The weapons are gone, they cannot be made to be gone again to suit some silly desire for photographs.

    The IRA has ordered an end all its activities, ie. stood down its volunteers. Therefore there has been no activity or ‘terrorism’ as you inaccurately put it.

    This asset and intelligence gathering is a nonsense creation of the totally discredited IMC.

    Criminality is a red herring, as opponents of SF and always point to any criminal act and claim that some republican or SF voter or second cousin of the great uncle of a Sinn Fein supporter committed a criminal act therefore the IRA cannot be trusted.

    It is time the goalposts stopped being moved and the DUP be asked the real reasons why they will not move. It is about a refusal to recognise nationalists as equals and a refusal to share power. Accepting their other excuses is the real bull***t.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    USA, I didn’t suggest that voters will turn to the sdlp….I stated that people IN sinn fein to have their politcal party survive and to have their political party once again advance…will look at the current leadership and question whether they are building sinn fein up….or causing it to fall. And even if the sdlp makes a deal with the dup….it will alllll fall apart this summer for the marching season when it hits the fan….

    Chris, saying that people IN sinn fein will start assessing the leadership makes me an American with a chip on my shoulder? The leadership of sinn fein is failing it’s people and it’s movement…yet to question the great and powerful adams/mcguiness means I have a chip?

    MI6 (martin ingram), ahhh so I’m “Luv” again eh? Anyway, a securocrate….nah….a securocrat wouldn’t want the orange order crushed and the brits high tailing out of the north like I do….

    JD, maybe if republicans ACTED as equals instead of their latest game of accomadation to the orange order as per maskey and stop sheilding the brits with their own bodies as Kelly did and stop the adams/mcguiness leadership of current failure….then maybe…the DUP wouldn’t have as much power. The goal post haven’t changed…it’s just the the sinn fein leadership has gotten beat….and it’s time to pull those players off the field and replace them with ones who will do the job.

  • JD

    Kathy C,

    I disagree with your analysis but not because of blinkered loyalty to leadership, if criticism is merited it should be made, however I am interested in the tactics that you would recommend for this new leadership?

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    JD, I will use the soccer analogy. The fans are getting tired of seeing their team being beat. The management of the team is seeing it’s revunes go down because the team is loosing…and being shown up by the other team. The second string players who want to be stars….have to wait until they are put in the game…but…they must continue to practise the winning moves…such as…being seen as a crowd pleaser of the fans—Catholic fans, be seen as willing and more importantly ABLE to stand up to the opposing side and not let them score. and above all…don’t talk about changing the rules to the game…start rallying the players to use the rules to beat the opposing teams sorry arses….People want winners or at least a hope that they can beat the other side and if not…at least put up a good challenge rather than lying down to let them run all over. The leadership has just about run out of steam and have gone to too many parties with the opposition rather than their own people…like I said…soon…others can rise up from within.

  • JD

    Kathy C,

    I am sorry but this is a very poor analogy and does not answer my question at all.

    Firstly in what way is the team losing under its present leadership. SF vote has never been higher, they have more elected reps than they ever had, more importantly, they have pulled all their nationalist opponents onto republican territory and there are more republicans in Ireland today than there has ever been. Their advance up one wing of the pitch (ie the north) may be facing some temporary obstacles however the other wing (the south) is wide open and serious progress is well advanced.

    If you are suggesting a change of captains, outline your tactics rather than claim you would wip some sorry asses, how do you propose to do this? and just wish it be so.

  • JD

    Sorry that should read: rather than just wish it be so.

  • elfinto

    Kathy C,

    When are you and that sister of yours that you are always banging on about, gonna come over and free us all?

    Should I fetch my pike from the thatch any time soon?

  • Kathy C

    Hi all,

    JD, The political situation has changed dramatically since the last elections. Yes, sf might have garndered a substantial vote last time around…but they have been heavily damaged. What I am saying, the first string aka adams, mcguiness, maskey, kelly, mclaughlin, are the ones on the playing field who haven’t made a goal lately and they are getting beaten by the DUP first string of players. Everyday the leadership of sinn fein are reacting to the dup…they are reacting to the british gov’t…they are reacting to the Irish gov’t and even reacitng to the American gov’t. They are not playing agressive politics and look where they are.
    Now, there are many in sinn fein who are the second string of players….and it is from this group that leaders or a leader will emerge that will be more forceful than the current ones.
    Why do I say this….because the current leadership has been in the mode of accomadation for the past 2 years and things are a mess. Did anyone think back during Bloody Sunday or interment that mcguiness and adams and others would emerge as the new forceful leaders….no. This spring and summer the unionist and dup and orange order will be pushing the envelope and the people…(fans I refered to) will be more than annoyed and disgusted ….and aggressive political republicanism will come out of events. Just look at today..the DUP have stated they want the Finucane iinquiry to stop….the dup are pushing and pushing because they know they can…and the current leadership just talks and talks ……I think how the leadership has handled the recent problems has been very bad…and someone if not several should have been forced to resign over it….

    Elfinto, We’re doing our best to free you from over here….and no…you don’t need pike….it can be done with politics…but it has to be fought as a political war…and the republican movement has to fight back politically not just talk and talk.

    If SF had done what my sister and I suggested…the DUP would be politcally smarting by now instead of the republican movement being shown up as weak and agent filled.