‘Dirty Dubs’ To Blame (Or is that my northern bias at work?)

One of the big sports stories (from a busy weekend for sports fans) was the brawl in Healy Park. The consensus- certainly amongst the Tyrone men I have been speaking with (or rather, listening to…)- is that the Dubs’ tactics were to blame. Having said that, from my armchair, it looked like two were most certainly tango-ing on this occasion. Whatever the causes of the violence, it appears the GAA Disciplinary Committee may be thinking of making an example of the two counties, which would likely impact on their preparations for this year’s much anticipated Championship.

  • As a Tyrone supporter I’m naturally biased here, but the Dubs certainly made some cynical challenges early on in the game, which the Tyrone players naturally reacted to – an overreaction in some cases. Although both camps are remaining tight-lipped about the incidents pending the outcome of the inquiry, any suspensions, particularly involving the likes of Stevie O’Neill or Alan Brogan could have a serious impact on the forthcoming league and championship campaigns of either team. I saw the match on Tv, so didn’t see any of the incidents in any great detail, but one particularly ugly scene was when a Dublin player started to pick a fight with one of the Tyrone backroom staff while he was walking off the pitch and this lead to one of the mass brawls. It wasn’t a pleasant game to watch and the GAA will be under pressure to take serious action so incidents of this nature don’t become the norm.


    I have come to expect ittle more from the Tyrone hallions. Look at their behaviour in last year’s Ulster Final…

  • Sam Maguire is pure disgusted by the carry on of them and I should know.

  • Dubliners aren’t dirty players unlike the Tyrone players. Tyrone’s team must have been watching the Aussie Rules games.

    Maybe they should spend more time looking at the ball instead of looking for Dublin players to hack.

    If people on Slugger played the man instead of the ball the way Tyrone did, Slugger’s moderators would have major problems. 🙂

  • TOT

    regardless of who started it or who’s dad is bigger this was a shambolic affair which disgraced both teams.

    the GAA needs to clamp down and hard – the ultimate sanction is to chuck both teams out of the national league and ban them from any warm up games ahead of the championship – this sounds harsh but as with football hooliganism it is only the tough love will work.

    the sport is quickly turning from high intensity into win at all costs and strong action needs to be taken.

    this was not isolated players this was two teams going hammer and tongs at each other – so sanction the teams.

  • I hope the GAA do make an example of these counties. This sort of carry on has no place in Gaelic Football and the GAA has allowed it go on for far too long. I hope there’s some severe penalties dished out.

  • Occasional Commentator

    Too much of this sort of thing goes on in any sport. Even if it’s not violence, there’s always something dodgy going on. I’m disgusted at the soccer players who crowd around the ref whinging at him every time he makes a decision. Send every one of them off and give them a 5-match ban if they so much as scowl.

  • Antrim fan

    I have always admired how the GAA has not got caught up in the over-officiating of games that we see in soccer these days. That kind of refereeing and the vast amount of disciplinary hearings for soft incidents have ruined soccer for those of us who see it as a man’s and should be played as such.

    I think that if a player feels that a challenge is out of order he himself should be allowed to make his feelings known to the guilty party, whether it be through a push or a few strong words. This has been allowed in GAA and rightly so.

    But what happened on Sunday was out of order and the GAA should rightly draw a line a what is acceptable. Not only can that sort of behaviour cause injuries but it can also incite crowd trouble, which in turn could lead to injuries to younger supporters. I think a points deduction may be in order here.

  • Dublin Exile

    This match was a disgrace and should have been called off by Paddy Russell shortly after half time. As a dub im not surprised at the initial response on slugger, yis are all agin us yis culchies!
    If it wasn’t for Tyrones disgraceful diving and ‘going down a bit too easy’ the brawl onto the sideline wouldnt have happened because Brogan wouldn’t have been sent off so unfairly. By the way, what part of Tyrone is Arjan Robben from?

    On the bright side, thanks be to god Mickey Harte didnt say ‘ Muhammed himself couldn’t have refereed that match!’

  • Torchwood

    What is all the fuss. This was a violent incident in a vile sectarian sport.

    The GAA will forever be a front for the recreational wing of the republican movement, just as the vatican is the head of the ecclesiatical wing of the same movement.

  • I guess Gaelic football isn’t for everyone 🙂

  • Getting back to the point, Sean Moran makes some interesting points in an article in yesterday’s Irish Times where he argues that such scenes occur because the GAA simply allows them to happen, by not taking effective action.

    “Yesterday saw three free-for-alls during which the uninhibited participants felt safe to engage in a mass brawl. Perhaps had the referee sent off two players after the first of these incidents early in the match, some order might have been restored” writes Moran. I agree totally. Harsher penalties on the field of play are the only real solution.

  • ‘Antrim fan’ made a good point re over-officiating. We have to let the games flow or we could end up going down the same road as in soccer with the ref blowing the whistle every 15 seconds. That said, brawls/dangerous play and the like need to be dealt with on the spot and severely.

  • Bemused

    As a republican (just thought I’d make that clear before everyone accuses me of sectarian bias) none of this surprises me one bit. One shower of north-side wannabe bog-men knock seven shades out of another shower of northern bog-trash. Who cares and who is surprised? GAA (wonderfully described once by Declan Lynch as “bog-ball and stick fighting”) is a risible parochial farce, which while in the main being harmless entertainment for the ‘country and western’ brigade, has at its core a grim little-irelander mentality which will forever render it worthy of avoidance in my book.

  • Grimesy


    “The GAA will forever be a front for the recreational wing of the republican movement…”

    Maybe we’d all be better off at a Norn Iron international at Windsor Park with Jackie Mac & Co!!

  • Grimesy

    That’s Jackie Mac, that young, tidy hurler from Taughmonagh GAA club – just to clear up any confusion…Best corner back that you’ll ever see!!

  • “Bemused”:

    Are you Declan Lynch in disguise? Or have you just administered your daily “Irish Independent” suppository?
    Ireland’s largest community and sporting organisation, run on a voluntary basis, which provides entertainment and enjoyment for hundreds of thousands acorss this island is a lot more worthy than your snide and, frankly, useless remarks.

    But back on-topic: It was Dublin gamesmanship – Tryone fell into the trap.

  • Northern Sole …nice spin on things – you should get a job with the NIO.

    * Although both camps are remaining tight-lipped * I’m not sure you are correct in saying that…no, you are wrong as Mickey Harte didn’t shut up blaming the Dubs while Pillar has said nothing (“Dublin football team-manager Paul Caffrey adopted the adage of ’less said, easier mended”) …


    and we’ll await the ref’s report…

    * but one particularly ugly scene was when a Dublin player started to pick a fight with one of the Tyrone backroom staff while he was walking off the pitch and this lead to one of the mass brawls…*
    …and I read that Brogan was leaving the field when approached by a member of the Tyrone management team.

    Not only was there trouble on the field but in true hooligan style things were breaking out in the stands…Caffrey feared for players’ safety

    Pretty similar to the attack on the Dub subs and management again at Healy in Feb2005.

  • Donnie

    Tyrone people are tramps. End of story.

    …and yes I am from Armagh!

  • Todd

    Anyone remember All Ireland Final in ’83

    Duff, Mullins and Co, dirtiest game I ever saw…

  • DerryTerry

    Both teams should be banned from the championship. We should also ban Kerry, Armagh and anyone else likely to beat Derry. That’ll show them

  • erne

    The whole Tyrone team should be banned for next weeks game against Fermanagh at Enniskillen.

    At least then we will have a chance !!

  • *…dirtiest game I ever saw…
    Posted by Todd on Feb 07, 2006 @ 04:26 PM *

    …you obviously never saw Meath play…may I suggest you view a certain Mr Bellew’s antics or indeed Tyrone’s own Ryan McMenamin. Open your eyes and don’t let a bit of media hyperbole get in the way of forming an objective opinion.

  • Mayo Abu

    Don’t matter people Mayo beat Kerry. The new order is emerging and victory will go west of the Shannon this year. Mark my words we mean business.

  • Dublin Exile

    Good to see the unbiased voice of reason that is Joe Brolly getting his tuppence worth in on this debate in this mornings Irish Times.
    To paraphrase ( in the words of Corpral Jones): ‘Tyrone dont like it up em’.

    Another issue now emerging is that the GAA are going to reverse their decision to confine replacements and mentors to the Stands during county games, as both Armagh and Dublin have complained about the initimidation which they have had to put up with in Healy Park.

    This of course means it will be far handier for even more people to get stuck into a schmozzle should the need arise.

  • Brolly says Tyrone were to blame

    The Tyrone County Board have strenuously denied accusations made by former Derry footballer and RTÉ Sunday Game pundit Joe Brolly that their players instigated the violence during last Sunday’s league game against Dublin in Omagh.

    Brolly, speaking yesterday on Dublin radio station Newstalk 106FM, felt the three melees were not as serious as the initial media furore suggested. He also commended Dublin for beating Tyrone by employing a similar style to the All-Ireland champions.

    “What really led to the needle was Dublin were getting the better of the exchanges,” said Brolly. “Dublin have learned a lot from what happened to them last year. Paul Caffrey has clearly now sown the seeds of this defensive, counter-attacking system that Tyrone and Armagh have developed over the years.

    “Tyrone found they were not getting away with what they got away with last year, which was creating a whole traffic jam in Dublin’s attack but having no congestion at all through their (own) forwards. (But) Dublin were dropping their half forward line into defence and Tyrone had no space. Eventually they got frustrated.”

    Brolly also accused Tyrone players of regularly diving to get opponents sent off. He said a Tyrone player going down started the row that led to Alan Brogan’s dismissal.

    In response to Mickey Harte’s post-match analysis, when the Tyrone manager highlighted a respectable disciplinary record, Brolly said: “They never had any scruples about getting men sent off for no reason by lying down and clutching their face. So I don’t listen to that sort of claptrap.

    “They’ve got that super arrogant thing about them now – how dare you tackle me! – whenever the Dubs were putting it up to them and turning them over. Doing the Tyrone thing. They didn’t like it one bit and the crowd were becoming increasingly anxious and upset about it. I must say I was delighted about the general Dublin performance.”

  • from the Indo (I can’t believe I’m quoting from this rag) about the hardy Tyuronies with an uncomfortable lip…

    ” DUBLIN are to launch an appeal against Alan Brogan’s red card in Sunday’s inflammatory Allianz FL match in Omagh.

    The Dublin attacker received a straight red card after a high tackle on Tyrone centre-back Ciarán Gourley. After reviewing video evidence, Dublin officials are convinced that Brogan has been hard done by and that the contact with Gourley was minimal, if anything.

    Dublin chief executive John Costello said officials and team management had looked at the video and admitted they would be pursuing exoneration for Brogan. “We’ll be seeking to exonerate Alan Brogan. We feel what happened did not merit a red card,” confirmed Costello.

    However, Gourley has rejected any suggestion that he exaggerated his fall or tried deliberately to get his opponent sent off. “I have a nasty gash inside my upper lip and it’s uncomfortable more than anything else,” he said yesterday.

    He found himself at the bottom of a pile as players from both sides charged in after Ciarán Whelan tried to lift Gourley off the ground.”

    …from this he lies on the ground for two minutes playing dead – rubbish.

    The Central Disciplinary Committee meets tonight to discuss the referee’s report on the match and to review the video of all the major flashpoints.

  • Baluba

    Both teams were to blame. There should be suspensions and maybe fines handed out to county councils. Tyrone incite this kind of thing with their italian-soccer-esque diving and niggling. Dublin are a physical side who when taunted will go from physical to violent.

    Btw, Brolly’s article may have something to do with the fact that he was recently humiliated by Tyrone GAA at a do………