Positive lives exhibition at Jordanstown

If anyone can get out there, this international exhibition on Aids is showing at the Jordanstown campus of the University of Ulster until the 8th February. You’ll need flash to veiw some of the images online. According to Jimmy it is a moving experience. Free and open to all.

  • Never mind whether this exhibition is worthy, dull or whatever, just one thing – “Out there“?!

    Now while some of us might have an ocean to cross, those of you lambkins who, oh, live in the greater Belfast area can probably, maybe, just about, possibly if the wind’s in the right direction, manage to struggle the tens upon tens of miles to something if it’s in far yonder Coleraine? Or does Coleraine really exist? Who can say, who can say?

  • Mick Fealty

    Jordanstown is not even as far as Coleraine.

  • Gum

    Well worth it, was at the seminar on Human Rights and AIDS last night and found the photos, and the brief text beside them, very thought provoking.

  • Softlee softlee, catchee Belfast-based monkey over to the north west – you don’t want to be going and scaring the horses by saying ‘Jordanstown’. Coleraine they stand some chance of having heard of (it’s when they tune out of listening to the weather report on TV), but ‘Jordanstown’? Most people reading this thread will assume we’re making it up.

  • Roddy Woddy

    Well worth the journey though, only took me 15 minutes for the journalism talk and you even get tea and biscuits after the debate for your trouble.
    There’s been a programme of events running all week, with some pretty heavyweight speakers. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about it actually.
    Religious reactions tomorrow night at 7pm – they have the Archbishop of Dublin, a minister now working on AIDS with young people, a very right wing nun who runs abstenience programes in Africa and a guy who has HIV and runs the exhibition. Should be sparky. Details are here http://www.concern.net/positivelives