Poll ends…. and a new one begins…

We’ve just wound up our first poll for some time. We’ll bring you a detailed breakdown of the Greatest Ulster/Irish man/woman results next week. for now, give us your best guess as to when this grand contest of Political Chicken is finally going to draw to a final end. Will we finally see our politicians move from their role as highly accomplished agitators to legislators. Now the Electoral Office has taken the fun out of our official elections by tightening up on regulations in the real world, here you can relive the old times: so vote early and often, but not more than once a day! And remember, it’s just for fun!!

  • Hmm.. perhaps you should be more precise than “local democratic institutions”, Mick.

    Local councils?

    If you mean the Assembly as previously constituted, it might never reappear again in that form.. but it may in another – there’s two answers to the same question.



  • Ciarán Irvine

    Assuming we’re talking about Stormont, I say Never.

    Stormont is dead, it’s not coming back under any guise, and it’s DR/JA from now till the Border Poll.

    Which I’m currently predicting for 2011, just for tha laugh 🙂

  • slug