Hearts and Minds: “I hope he doesn’t find it all bulls**t!”

John Grieve who explains that the apparent difference between the IMC and IICD’s reports (sound file) arose because they both have different range of contacts, and had a wider remit than just decommissioning. In particular, “we don’t declare who were are talking to about anything. That’s in order to protect the people we talk to”. There’s also a swedging match between Martin McGuinness and Nigel Dodds, that gave at least one senior citizen from North Down, who was watching, a very bad headache.

  • Seano

    Well, Mr. Grieve’s responses leaves no room for anyone to not believe that his sources are of the PSNI/NIO/Securocrat pursuasion.

    Not wanting to declare who they talk to, or what details they recieve, leaves us no alternative but to believe it’s the spooks.


    This edition of H&M gave us one of the finest moments of political TV since Martin Meehan dedicated his Assembly election victory.

    When accused of listening to his friends in Special Branch by Martin McGuinness, Nigel Dodds replied, and I paraphrase, “Through his work in Sinn Fein I’m sure that Mr McGuinness knows a lot more people in Special Branch than I do.

    Martin looked like his jaw was going to snap!

  • Glen Taisie


    Couldn’t fail to imagine that Scap, Donaldson and whoever else there is /was supply info to the IMC amongst others.

    Of course they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Adams knew!!!!


  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Mc Guinness was very restrained given that Dodds was clearly not interested in trying to debate anything.

    It is about time that nationalists were a bit more confrontational in the decommissioning of unionist guns, especially those brought in to kill Catholics by Ulster Resistance. The DUP can lie all they want but they set an organisation rollinng that killed hundreds with the importation of guns along with the UDA and UVF

  • spartacus

    McGuiness was TOO restrained, Pat. What a sorry spectacle to see anyone begging to get into governmnet with the likes of the DUP. Forget all the embellishment that floats around here about spooks, who’s a tout, all that. Its very clear that the SF leadership doesn’t have a Plan B, never had one. They are at the mercy of the British and Irish governments, who have not lifted a finger, ever, to push this thing along, or to put the most sectarian elements in this society on notice. The worst thing about McGuiness’s performance last night was his insinuation in the face of Dodd’s stonewalling that Bliar and Hain are somehow going to change their spots and light a fire under the DUP. It has never happened, it won’t happen, and the suggestion that it will is wearing very thin among people who SF managed to bring this far.


    Very poor performance from Martin, he needed Noel Thompson to come in at the end and ask Nigel Dodds if the DUP enaged in spying.

    The more I see of Dodds, the more I like him.he’s the one DUP politician I would give my vote to.

  • lib2016

    “The more I see of Dodds, the more I like him….”

    He was at his best at Holy Cross, don’t you agree?

  • Cahal

    “The more I see of Dodds, the more I like him….”

    Dear Lord, I will never understand the unionist mindset.

    This is the same guy who wouldnt even call the priest at Holy Cross by the title ‘Father’ Troy, instead calling him Mr. Troy.

    Another great unionist leader.



    Do you want to start comparing what various polticians have and haven’t done?
    I won’t bother with that, all I will say is this.

    What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence – Christopher Hitchens

    Dodds is a great guy, despite the dour presbyerian exterior he is sharp as a tack and shows a dry sense of humour.
    Everybody that came into contact wiith him that I know thinks he is the bees knees.He’d make a great first minister.


    Dodds is a religious man who , like many from the protestant tradition takes the exhortation in the bible “not to call any man father” literaly.
    Are you saying he doesn’t have the right to practice his religion according to his interpetation of the bible?

    that’s not very open minded of you.

    I never cease to be amazed at what trivial incidents those who support killers will take offence at.

  • lib2016


    So Holy Cross was a “trivial incident”? There are no words……….!

  • headmelter


    “Everybody that came into contact wiith him that I know thinks he is the bees knees.”

    Funny how opinions differ isn’t it, everyone I know that has come into contact with him thinks he’s a gabshite.


    So Holy Cross was a “trivial incident”?

    I didn’t say that.I could explain exactly what I said, but I rather suspect that if you chose to misunderstand me the first time, no amount of explaining will change your mind.

    Excellent thread diversion though.Nigel Dodds runs rings around Martin McGuinnes in a TV interview, quick get the hatchets out.

    Meanwhile, back on topic…..

  • lib2016


    Glad to see you’ve stopped digging. Surprised you even started.

  • martin ingram

    Hi All,

    Did he really say that!!

    “Through his work in Sinn Fein I’m sure that Mr McGuinness knows a lot more people in Special Branch than I do.”

    The cheek of that man.


  • Mickhall


    Spot on about MM, why would Bertie light a fire under the DUP when sometime within the next year or so he will have to face SF at the polls. It is in his interest to keep SF with begging bowl in hand and out of the northern administration.

    Every member of SF should study the Palestinian Authority and see where this begging bowl approach got the PLO. It is no accident that under both the GFA and the Oslo Accords the main radical party who was enticed to come in from the cold, has conceded time and again to their political opponents and old enemies, only to find themselves no further forward politically. However within their own constituency there has been a drip, drip, of demoralization and lost confidence.

    One should hardly be surprised about Nigel Dodd’s show of confidence on Hearts and Mind, he knows he has the British State backing his Party. All this Blair is the best British PM ever from MM and Mr Adams is foolishness and totally untrue, he is a devious nasty piece of work who will resort to just about anything to get his way, as was shown with WMD’s. Incidentally, you cannot separate what Blair does in Iraq with what he does in Ireland. His raison det’re is that of a right wing bully, if the SF leadership has really lost sight of this, then all I can say they are fortunate that they have already fathered their children.

    Any thoughts about the IMC being an independent body is plain daft, SF are correct about this. No government sets up a body which is beyond it’s control. Give Blair some credit, he is a past master of setting up commissions and tribunals which seem on the surface independent and open-minded when in reality any report they produce is a done deal. Need I remind readers of the Kelly inquiry, nor since then the countless other inquiries looking into the Iraq war, which have all found Blair and his government spotless. My point is, the responsibility for the reports these inquiries produce lay with Blair, yet MM still seems to have some warped faith in him doing the decent thing, when all the evidence points at him not doing so

    Did MM on the H@M program call out Blair and Ahern over the composition of the IMC, of course not. SF have played the game by the rules laid down by its enemy, one of which is using diplomatic language when interviewed. Apart for the odd huffing and puffing, SF opposition to the IMC has amounted to challenging it via the British Courts, you know the very same judicial system that sent and kept Irishmen in jail knowing them to be innocent.[Birmingham, Guilford etc] Is it any wonder SF is taking such a hammering.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I agree Pat, the DUP’s tenuous links with paramilitarism are presently not playing a role in the debate about who is fit for government or who is not. They should do and politicians opposing the DUP should be bringing that whole business up. Unionist contributors to this blog refuse to engage in a debate about this matter certainly.

    I suspect the reason why McGuinness doesn’t confront the DUP et al over Ulster Resistance is because he “doesn’t want to go there”. McGuinness is clearly uncomfortable when people bring up his IRA past. Probably not quite as uncomfortable with the likes of William McCrea whenever someone mentions Billy Wright though.