SF TDs initiate Bill to Repeal IMC Act

As the Press Association report on the UTV site notes, the 5 Sinn Féin TDs are to put forward a Bill in the Dáil calling for the repeal of the Independent Monitoring Commission Act 2003, at the minute it’s just a note of initiation of the Bill in the Order paper[pdf file] – I’ll add the transcript when available – It’s not the first challenge by SF to the IMC, although it’s the only attempt, that I’m aware of, to repeal the Act itself. There’s still the legal action lodged by the SF MP Conor Murphy at the High Court in London back on 1st December.


  • As usual this is just a Sinn Féin empty vessel exercise in the Dáil. No one will support their Bill and it will sink without trace. Hopefully the spelling in it will be better than that of their press releases though.

    This is no more newsworthy than some nut MP trying to introduce a law at Westminster calling for the compulsory nudity of women aged 20-30. Like the proposed Sinn Féin Bill on the IMC, it would be laughed out of Parliament.

  • Cahal

    “This is no more newsworthy than some nut MP trying to introduce a law at Westminster calling for the compulsory nudity of women aged 20-30. ”

    Hopefully this law would not extend to northern Ireland. I don’t fancy having to gouge my own eyes out.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    the Bill will be a message to the rest of nationalist Ireland that political progress should not be held up on the secret briefings of the PSNI Special Branch.
    One would have thought that all of the SDLP would be a bit more sceptical of the PSNI after the crock that the PSNI told Alex Attwood after the Castlereagh robbery of April 2004.

    Hasn’t your own Carmel O Boyle (the SDLP leader on Down Council) dismissed the IMC yarn on IRA members being involved in rioting at Kilcoo as a piece of fantasy. After all she was there and helped to clear the area of the children involved.

    Isn’t it time you people showed a bit of co-ordination in your public pronouncements. Is it any wonder you are continually pummelled at the polls these days.

  • Mr Oliver, A Nationalist housing estate, somewhere

    Elmat, so your bitterness continues to eat away at you. Why oh why won`t the Nationalist people just do what we the sdlp say. Why won`t they let us confound, bemuse, berate and lecture them like we used too in the past.

    Don`t they understand that we the sdlp, are their betters, we`re educated, we`ve money, we`re their masters they`re OUR servants.

  • DerryTerry

    El mat, this is a damn sight more newsworthy than some nut Lord and 3 spooks simply regurgitating the unsourced and unsubstantiated musings of Special Branch.

    And having seen one of the recent threads on El Blogador, are you looking for some nut to introduce such a bill?

  • DerryTerry

    Sorry, scrub the question. Haven’t had my coffee yet.