Police shut down smoke free, alcohol free, Poker Club!

Why? Because in Northern Ireland apparently it’s illegal. It seems it took twenty or so armed police officers to raid a poker tournament in the Cavendish Club. All those games of penny post, and we never knew we were breaking the law! Though the way one of our number used to fleece innocent third years on the school bus was pushing criminal!!

  • Pete Baker

    Hmmm.. the reported £23,000 is hardly penny post stakes, Mick.

  • Dec

    Oh dearie me, Auntie Pete. Imagine people spending their own money on their own time without frightening the horses. Down with that sort of thing!

  • Pete Baker

    Once again, assumptions of motive take the place of addressing what’s actually said.

    Where exactly did I criticise “people spending their own money”, dec?

    Take your own time in answering that…

  • It’s ridiculous. I don’t really blame the police since it’s their job to enforce the law and everything, but if playing poker is against the law over here then the law stinks.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I bet it all comes down to the rake in the end…

    The punters got their cash back – a judge ordered it yesterday – but he didn’t seem to think the Cavendish would be open for poker again.

    The law is very grey on this.

  • The law is an ass; we can play poker online from the comfort of our living rooms, but we cannot assemble to do so….so much for social integration.

  • martin ingram


    I can not agree with you on the broad thrust of your argument but I nearly choked on my corn flakes with this classic reply by you.

    “Take your own time in answering that”


  • M. Gibbs

    Just goes to show the RRUC (Recycled RUC, as the PSNI should properly be called) has too much time on its hands. Now that the IRA has ended its armed struggle against British/Orange oppression, the police force and its London-born leader Gauleiter Odd can afford such luxuries as “political policing”, fabricating “evidence” of all kinds of bizzare plots, and now stop people having some harmless fun. The way things are going, they’ll soon have enough people to spare to try bottling the decent people of the Garvaghy Road up in their houses while a crowd of Medieval thugs march down their road. There are far too many people in the RRUC, drawing crazily big salaries and benefits for dossing off or doing the dirty work of their Orange masters. One of them was recently found to have been working as a mercenary for the US-UK forces of aggression in Iraq, while on sick leave for work-related “stress”! Half of them (the old guard Orange RUC veterans) should be made redundant. There is plenty of work for them across the border in the Republic of Ireland, where they would also gain the benefit of being exposed to many nationalities and hopefully opening their minds a little.

  • Dec

    Sorry for the late reply, Pete but I’m just back from an illegal cock-fight. Only the first sentence was addressed to you, prompted by your matronly ‘Hmmm’. The rest was more rhetorical. But since you took the time to descend from your high horse and converse with me, a mere mortal (if only to dispatch me with a pithy retort to the delight of schizophrenics everywhere), are you seriously suggesting that I should not delineate how you’re saying what you’re saying?

  • Mick Fealty

    hey, boys. Drop those handbags and move away from the thread…. and no one gets hurt…

  • big frank cannon

    if you read further into this story Sean Murphy – the owner of the cavendish, actually tried to state the money was all for the punters and that he made no money from running the games – now the RUC mightn’t be the brightest bunch in the world but who is going to swallow that pile of shite

  • lol BFC.

    I was about to ask if anyone here knew what exactly the law said about this, but then again the police and the judges seem to be a little confused about it so I suppose it would be a fruitless exercise.

    PS Impressed we got 8 posts into a thread completely unconnected to Orange/Green politics before a republican mopefest about what big bad people the police are. As I said above, they don’t make the laws, we have politicians to blame for that.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It’s not like the Cavendish has been quiet about any of its activities. The club is well-known, it’s not like the police weren’t aware of what was happening. I bet there are a few cops who are members!