Greatest Vote ends tomorrow!!

Some of you, who care about these things (and have been doing shift patterns voting for your favourite), will be relieved that we are going to put our Greatest Ulster/Irish man/woman poll to bed at the end of play tomorrow.At the moment the same man heads both categories: John Hume. There’s little chance he’ll get caught in either category. As Fionnuala Meredith points out, there is no women in the Northern category, although Countess Markievicz is currently only five votes adrift of Charles Stuart Parnell in second place in the all Irish category.

I suspose if his supporters gave it a good rattle, Henry Joy might just catch John Hume. But the Nobel Peace Prize winner has had strong support and its unlikely he can be touched at this late stage. We hear that the word ‘blog’ has recently crept into John’s vocabulary, so maybe he looks in on us once in a while!!

So let me be clear: there is no rule against voting for yourself!

Positions to date:

Who is the greatest Ulster man or woman?

John Hume 31% 599
Henry Joy McCracken 26% 509
Seamus Heaney 11% 208
George Best 8% 166
Harry Ferguson 7% 145
Peter Canavan 7% 129
Daniel O’Donnell 5% 96
Pat Jennings 3% 54
Alex Higgins 1% 25
Louis McNeice 1% 22

Votes total 1,953

Who is the greatest Irish man or woman?

John Hume 26% 385
Charles Stewart Parnell 15% 230
Countess Markievicz 15% 225
Oscar Wilde 9% 141
James Joyce 9% 139
TK Whittaker 8% 113
St Columba (Colmcille) 6% 89
Daniel O’Donnell 6% 86
Bono 3% 51
Mary Peters 3% 42

Votes total 1,501

  • Our Glorios Leader

    The sdlp press office have rigged two elections I see.
    Strange no-one in the real world thinks the same.

  • Mick Fealty

    The real world?

  • PaddyCanuck

    Why bother voting, the poll is rigged. I cannot vote for the people I want to vote for.

  • Any betting facilities available on Slugger to get really involved in this Mick?

  • Mick Fealty

    Now there’s a revenue stream I hadn’t considered!


    Cheer up. It’s supposed to be a bit of crack. Here’s how I introduced it:

    There are a lot of people missing, which we may profile over the time the poll is going. We plan to run it over the holidays and into early next year. In the fine old tradition, you can vote early and often, but not more than once a day. Enjoy! Remember, it’s just for fun!!.

    Now what on earth is wrong with voting early and often. It’s not as though it’s not traditional, is it? Besides we ran a long list for about three weeks. This is what the readership considered to be the great and the good!

  • missfitz

    Well, the next time….. if there is a next time….. i think you should do a male and female category. Some women do have aspirations to success and greatness, despite what one might hear on Talkback

  • The Beach Tree

    Well, in the woman category, politically at any rate it’s hard to look past Bernadette Devlin in Ulster for contemprary votes.

    She may have been a looney, or not your cup of tea, but in the Time magazine sense of ‘great’ (i.e. whether geat at being good or bad) she’s the one local woman politico who made a difference.

    In arts its a toughie – Marie Jones and Susan Lynch are important, but hardly great. The stream of Country & Irish Ulsterwomen all had an impact (for the worse, but still…). We can sort of claim Katie Melua –
    But frankly in local girl done good terms gloria Hunnifor probably wins (I know, mad, but still…)

    In sport Mary Peters has no better. We can debate if Margaret Johnston has a case as a near equal.

    and finally, in the all round category, me ma!

  • missfitz

    Gosh beach tree, where were you when the women of ulster needed you a few weeks back when nominations were open?

    Politically, I think Mary McAleese should have had a look in. She, like Bernadette, may not be to all tea-drinkers’ tastes, but she has made her mark in historical terms.

    And frankly if Daniel O’Donnell can beat out Daniel O’Connell for a place, then sure! lets put Gloria Hunniford right up there

  • Yoda

    Daniel O’Donnell? Greatest Irishman?

    I’ve been misreading it all along as O’Connell.

    Sweet Jaysus, I hope that’s a typo.

  • Nathan

    A northerner like Mary McAleese is more deserving of the Greatest Irish person accolade.

  • The Beach Tree


    Gaius Julius Caesar thrice turned down the crown of Rome.

    Nero killed to wear it.

    Who was the greater Roman?

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    No one nominated her. Now the poll is closing.

  • Nathan

    What was so objectionable abt my post, Slugger Admin that it had to be subject to censorship?

    I believe I made a valid point – John Hume always put the province first in his list of priorities. The Irish state was always an ancillary pre-occupation.

    Indeed, when he had a good chance of securing the post of president in the Irish state, he snubbed his nose at the opportunity. At the time, he was more interested in retaining his status as the living saint of the Palace of Westminster. A petty provincial indeed.