Why Hamas is good for Palestine and Israel

Thorough going analysis from Tony Tallwright on the recent election victory of Hamas in the Palestinian Authority area, in which “no less than 78% of the electorate voted”.

  • Patricia Morrison

    If your looking for some real ‘Thorough going analysis’ rather than this self-opinionated tosh you could do worse than this Znet article on the Hamas victory by author Gilbert Achcar.

  • alex benjamin

    agreed Patricia. Utter tosh.

  • felix quigley

    I just cannot agree that he is talking “tosh”. of course his interpretation is different to my own but not to dismiss it as “tosh”.

    I was interested in much from Tallwright especially this analysis:

    “In brief, Hamas delivers, Fatah doesn’t. Hamas walks the talk, Fatah just talks. So whom would you rather do business with?

    For Hamas, the time for games is over. It is no longer merely sniping from the margins. It has nowhere to hide for it is now indisputably accountable to its electorate.

    The Palestinians are first and foremost looking to Hamas to solve their daily problems, through delivery of services such as water, sewerage, education, health, transport, a much broader and more complex brief than executing charity works.
    But they are also expecting solutions to the Israel issue, and judging from their voting are perfectly prepared to accept the violent approach that is Hamas’ hallmark, predicated on driving the Jews into the sea. ”

    I do not dismiss the first part at all, the part about providing services, which was a tactic also developed by Hitler.

    But the second part. Surely this is worth pausing over. I place more emphasis on that.

    There has been much talk over the years about the Palestinian masses. But it has been precisely these masses through a free election which have decided to support a party as the writer above says “predicated on driving the Jews into the sea. ”

    It is this movement of the Palestinian Arab masses that is critical.

    Jonah Goldberg writes of this when he describes this election of Hamas and Hamas as being:

    “terroristic, irredentist, militant organization dedicated to restoring national pride at the expense of exterminating millions of people, who just happen to be Jews. This was no secret, and it is a form of condescension bordering on infantilism to assert that the Palestinians didn’t know what they were voting for. If the new government had the means, it would be Palestine’s willing executioners.”

    He likens the Fatah period to the Weimar Republic and he likens of course Hamas to the nazi period who came in and were elected in to do a job.

    If anything Hamas is more explicit than Hitler was in carrying out a genocide of the Jews.

    Even if you do not agree with that, patricia and Benjamin, at least you cannot dismiss it all as “tosh”, otherwise intellectual argument goes out the window.

    To sum up. My predictions.

    There will be no civil war between Hamas and Fatah. These two will not fight each other. There may be skirmishes but that is not the same thing. Both are united in their desire to end the state of Israel. If you doubt this consult their constitutions.

    The US and the EU will find a form of words and internal rule to continue to support “Palestine” financially and every other way.

    Terror attacks against Israeli civilians will be stepped up.

    The Israeli Government of Olmert will continue to attack Jews and continue to appease Hamas and Fatah by giving them huge tracts of land which in turn will be turned into launching pads to strike at Israeli Jews.

    Rice will return to the West Bank and ask Israel to give even more. Hamas after all has said that Israel is a fact on the ground, Rice will tell reporters that Hamas is looking after the poor and so cannot be all bad.

    Bill Clinton will visit the West Bank and tell the Islamofascists THAT incident was all a mistake and was in fact engineered by the Jews. Lewinsky did not really kiss him there, Bill will say, she just slipped on the floor and found herself under his desk!

    The Jews will again be blamed for creating Hamas! A motion to that effect will be passed by the UN!

  • felix quigley

    This is something for you and all feminist ladies to ponder, a new book which you should look at:

    “A feminist’s case against Islam: Phyllis Chesler in Chicago Tribune 1/1/06
    One critic calls controversial book `stereotypical attack’
    By Nara Schoenberg , Chicago Tribune staff reporter

    In her new book, “The Death of Feminism, feminist pioneer Phyllis Chesler describes her disastrous 1961 marriage to her college boyfriend, a Muslim from Afghanistan. When they returned to his homeland, she says, she was segregated from men, given inedible food and placed under virtual house arrest.

    By the time her father-in-law finally allowed her to return to the U.S., she was pregnant, had hepatitis and weighed 90 pounds.

    It’s a dramatic story, and one that figures prominently in the rest of the book, an extensive but mostly anecdotal argument that Islam, as it is currently practiced, harshly oppresses women. It’s also perhaps the least inflammatory part of a book in which Chesler, 65, the author of the 1972 best seller “Women and Madness,” criticizes her fellow feminists, who have largely refrained from condemning Muslim practices, as “cowardly herd animals.”

    She also condemns veiling and female genital mutilation and makes statistically unsupported claims about high rates of domestic violence in Muslim countries.

    “The barbaric nature of Islamic woman-hatred is impossible to overstate,” Chesler writes.

    Chesler’s fellow feminists at Ms. magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation did not return phone calls seeking comment about the book, but Egyptian-born anthropologist Fadwa El Guindi, author of “Veil: Modesty, Privacy and Resistance,” said Chesler’s arguments are “arrogant,” “ignor[ant]” and “factually wrong.”

    El Guindi said that studies, including a survey in which 28 percent of American women reported being physically abused by a partner, show that domestic violence is a worldwide phenomenon that cannot be blamed on Arab or Muslim culture.”

    Whether Hamas is going to be good or bad for Arab Palestinian women must be a topic not avoided by Irish feminist women. I have seen nothing from them yet but I would like to. Either there is a problem or there is not. Saying that there is also abuse in Ireland is not an adequate response. Otherwise Irish feminists can be accused of COVERING FOR ISLAMOFASCIST PRACTICES AGAINST WOMEN including FEMICIDE

  • Patricia Morrison

    felix, my reaction to the article was based on its billing on this site as a ‘through going analysis’ and I believe my critique is well justified. That you disagree surprises me not in the least given your denial of ‘Deir Yassin’ and ‘Jenin’ and over reliance on emotionally charged Islamophobic propaganda in other post’s on this site.

    But this is to stray from the main point (which I think is probably your agenda anyway) and that is the peace deal on offer from Hamas.

    1. Withdrawal by the Zionist Entity to it’s internationally recognised 1967 borders.
    2. The dismantling of the settlements, and wall, build illegally in the occupied territories.
    3. To enter into meaningful negotiations about the return of the Palestinian ‘Diaspora’ and restoration of their lands and assets in accordance with international law.

    It seems like a good basis for peace to me. Your reaction to this would be most welcome.

    For anyone else who is interested a more ‘reasonable’ Zionist, account of the massacre at Deir Yassin this link might be a good place to start

    Similarly the UN report on ‘Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory’ which deals extensively with the events in Jenin is available on line at

    For a bit of balance on the Nazi’s and Zionism this ebook has some interesting detail.

  • felix quigley


    You are not being consistent. You called the analysis of Allwrite “Tosh”. The leader said it was a thorough going analysis.

    It may be a great analysis, a middling analysis or a poor analysis.

    There may be parts in it correct and parts incorrect.

    But to say it is “tosh” as a reply, as a bare statement, well that leads nowhere. It is the ultimate put-down.

    This is a major problem with you.

    When an issue is raised you do not reply, or rather you reply by evading the issues raised, and simply provide a lead into another article.

    That way we would be firing urls across the internet forever.

    What use is that?

    The United Nations is not impartial in relation to Israel.

    Deir Yassin was an awful lie, and in part it was helped along the way by Jewish enemies of the Irgun and by the Israeli elite. It is a dreadful tale, but it is a lie against the Jews, one of the greastest.

    I have written on this. I will give the url another time.

    Jenin was another dreadful lie.

    One of the biggest lies in recent times was the Muhammad el Dura France 2 affair.

    The Media is a major problem for us. I draw all the time attention to the Media lies against the Serbs in Yugoslavia that led to the NATO war there.

    Patricia You have a method of evasion.

    When I introduced the issue of Arab and Islamic FEMICIDE you avoided the issue.

    Why did I raise this? Because it is a serious political issue. I also raised as a weapon to attack the position of Palerstine terror supporters.

    But you give me that ground because you do not answer. Thus I sense you have a weaknes there. Having seen your weakness and recognising you as my political enemy I intend to use that weakness as a point at which I will ciontinue the attack.

    People raise issues here to me. I always take them head-on.

    One of the issues is collective and often deliberate silence on issues.

    Surely a major issues now are these Cartoons and the Islamofascist reply to same.

    Why is Mick and Slugger not onto this in a flash!

    His rival David Vance I am sure has covered this!

    It is saying perhaps by Slugger that the Rushdie issue was of no concern!