That’s all till April folks…?

Except its not. Peter Hain in his follow up speech says that the IMC report paints an improving picture, if not one that is unremittingly bright. Next report is due in April. But talks will continue to search for a solution.

  • BogExile

    ‘Compared to where the IRA was there has been a sea change.’

    More nautical nonsense. What he need to do is set up an Advisory Comission on Demcomissioning Commissions – ACDC.

    It should be chaired by Jimmy Cricket – ‘There’s More’ with a remit of generating as much contradictory, unenlightened shite as possible ad infinitum.

    In the meantime, we could tear our attention away from these institutionally muddled political constructs for retread politicians and crackpots and assist our own over promoted parish councillors to get down to the task of prece and proper governance.