Slugger poll features on Talkback…

Fionnuala Meredith features on Talkback today and notes that our Slugger Poll of the greatest Ulster men and women contains no women! I get a right of reply, and I hope that some of you who voted will give them a ring to let them know why the name of a great Ulster woman didn’t occur to you. And may be why you didn’t bother.

Adds: that’s if they have time. IMC looks like it’s where it’s at today…

  • How about Ruth Kelly?!!!
    As the poll’s not intended to be taken too seriously may I venture a few other suggestion – Mary Peters, Enya Brennan (or her sister Maire), Kate Hoey, Gloria Hunniford, Philomena Begley… I suppose the name of a certain president of Ireland and a Blue Peter presenter may also spring to mind, but not sure if they deserve the accolade! And as Katie Melua went to school in Belfast does she count?


    May McFetteridge gets my vote.

  • kev

    My Mammy

  • Tochais Síoraí

    What about Daniel O Donnell?

  • Keith M

    Dana and Ruby Murray surely deserve places.

  • Orlaith from Big Brother.

  • missfitz

    Havent we been through all of this, and my complaint about the lack of female representation was duly noted!

    Male domination on slugger continues……

  • R. R. Gillespie

    Henry Joy McCracken is rightly featured. What about his sister: Mary Ann McCracken, founder of the Belfast Charitable Society (Clifton House) and indefatigable worker for the poor and underprivileged

  • bo’shank

    The blonde receptionist who works in mark mulvenna hair salon in holywood. Not only fit but makes a damn fine cup of coffee!