Garland’s bailsmen forfeit £9000 each

Whether on-the-run Irish Worker’s Party President, Sean Garland, will continue to evade extradiction isn’t clear.. but the legal process, relating to his jumping bail, continues.. with a Belfast Court ruling that the three individuals who provided sureties on his behalf must forfeit £9,000 each, the BBC also names the three for the first time, that I’m aware of – they are retired Workers’ Party officer Dessie O’Hagan, party secretary John Lowry and Belfast businessman Roderick Hassan. Meanwhile the website set up to oppose his extradiction notes a few organisations who also oppose the extradiction, namely the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties .. and the Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils.. and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, whose national executive passed a motion condemning Sean Garland’s arrest – although both of those specific references are dated prior to Garland jumping bail.


  • enid

    Garland seems to be out and about.

    £9000 isn’t much to an organisation up to its neck in criminal activity.

    That’s not to mention the 2 million super dollars

  • Kim Jong Il

    The Official IRA/Group B can go out a do a few robberies, exhort more cash from hard working businessmen, sell a few more $100 DOLLAR BILLS?

    How can anyone say the workers party has any credibility. Will they call for their armed wing of drunkan thugs to disband, leave their drinking dens and get a job!!
    Will they call for an end to the beating up and terrorising of teenagers, will call for an end to exhortion and now drug dealing by the official IRA???

    Don`t hold your breathe!