Several careful owners.. only €250,001

In other news, the NIO Minister David Hanson announced today that the Department of Social Development has bought a boat at an auction in Paris.. at a cost of €250,001. Some restoration work will be required, he thanked Belfast City Council for the £100,000 towards that.. and has set up a Charitable Trust for further fundraising.. emphasising that “no further public funding is available for the cost of restoration”.. [shouldn’t you say that it’s the SS Nomadic? – Ed] Oops, that’s €250,001 or, as this report points out, £171,320.The BBC report mentions some of those careful owners.. and the next stage.. and the estimated cost –

The 221st ship ferried passengers to the White Star liner Olympic, and in April 1912, it did the same job for Titanic.

Nomadic saw service in both world wars and was later used as a restaurant on the Seine in Paris.

More recently, it has been languishing semi-derelict in the port of Le Havre.

A feasibility study by Belfast City Council estimated the cost of buying the ship and bringing it back to the city would be around £750,000.

It would then need about £7m to restore the ship to its former glory.

  • Hanson said “If the trust is unable to progress the fundraising and restoration over the next 18 months the vessel will be sold to prevent further deteriorating.”

    It’ll be sold within 2 years.. Mark my words, it’ll be sold for scrap.

    May it rust in peace.

  • Pete Baker

    “it’ll be sold for scrap”…

    …and at a loss, Jimmy.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    I heard Sean Neeson state that it may be categorised a ‘historic ship’ and thus be entitled to lottery grants to aid repairs. He pointed out that the Cutty Sark is to receive £10 million under this scheme. While the comparison is a bit off the idea should at least be explored.

  • Yoda

    It’s an incredible hulk that makes other people angry…

    Please, try the fish.

  • What a waste of money. Would have been better used in education or health care. Hospitals are closing all around us and meanwhile the government are squandering millions on assembly members pay and old boats. Film at 11

  • Pete Baker

    An emotive argument.. but not one based in reality, cic.

    £171,320 wouldn’t even register in the areas you’ve pointed to.

    And that’s without addressing the argument that throwing money at those problems will result in fix.

    It may simply be a waste of tax-payer’s money.. full stop.

    And why do you persist in advertising here?.. There is a charge for that you know.

  • slug


    The £100k odd is probably not a bad investment. If you think that it could then bring on some private donations and heritage grants to fix the thing up nicely, and the ship adds to Belfasts selling points as a tourist destination (and its something that works well for Belfast) then there could be a lot of economic return to that £100k. And £100k is frankly peanuts.

  • Pete Baker


    The £100K from Belfast rate-payers needs another £650K.. plus another approx £7million from somewhere.. to achieve the objective.

    Whether having the SS Nomadic in there would actually make any significant difference to the drawing power of a properly developed Titanic Quarter is debatable.

  • slug

    Debatable but I’m inclined to think it would.

  • Nestor Makhno

    There is currently a strong worldwide interest in all things Titanic – aso I guess it makes sense for Belfast to try and cash in on it.

    But how long will this interest last?

    I assume there are a core bunch of ‘Titanoracks’ out there who will also be interested in any aspect of the ship but the vast majority of the current interest was created after Cameron’s movie.

    Another few years and I think this interest will fade away to a low level appeal – meanwhile there is a danger that Belfast will have spent a load of money building an expensive tourism infrastructure around an attraction that is “just so early 2000s”

  • Aaland Islander

    How foolish the UUP look now. Having proposed to spend the full whack out of the rate-payers purse to buy the Nomadic, they criticised the DUP for saying DCAL should be asked to put up the ramining 70-odd grand towards the costs of brining the Nomadic to Belfast.

    Now that DCAL has weighed in with its share of the funds, the UUP are left looking like a bunch of prats.