Not up to CRJ to resolve guideline issue

David Hanson, the security minister is saying that if CRJ is to receive government funding it must adhere to agreed guidelines:

Mr Hanson, the Criminal Justice Minister, says a decision on the four outstanding applications will be made in the spring. He told Mr Lidington that funding “would only be considered if and when guidelines have been agreed and fully implemented by the schemes”. Mr Hanson says the schemes would have an “unambiguous and appropriate relationship” with police.

Noel McCartney, a spokesman for Community Restorative Justice:

…said the group is considering the Government’s draft guidelines, which they would have to sign up to in order to receive the funding. “CRJ has stated publicly that even if the protocols were agreed today, because of the contentious issue of policing in republican and nationalist areas, CRJ would only work with police once the political parties and the Government resolve the policing issue. It’s not CRJ’s responsibility to resolve this issue nor can we resolve it. Funding applications should be allowed or disallowed on the basis of the application.”

He went on to say that CRJ schemes would carry on with or without government funding.

  • Pete Baker

    “Mr Hanson says the schemes would have an “unambiguous and appropriate relationship” with police.”

    He’s going to have to change those proposed guidleines then… at the minute the relationship they define is completely ambiguous.

  • Pete Baker
  • west belfast resident

    ”But says Noel McCartney,the projects will continue even if the grants are turned down.”

    The sort of money involved in funding these schemes is scandalous. £417,000 to meet salary and overhead costs. already they have received £936,000 from their previous backer.

    The public money involved should go to other sources. The hospitals and Ed boards are cutting services, drugs are being denied due to cost. What sort of responsible government would give this sort of money to CRJ instead of using exsisting services within the police. Liason schemes etc.

    All government funded schemes are required to under go certain measures. Be accountable, answerable, and transparent. To give this money to a bunch of people who have had no back ground checks, no public record of what they do, and no working relationship with the police is utterly foolhardy.

    Don’t really want to go into another CRJ argument,but if the schemes can go ahead without the money, then that is the route the government should go.

    Give this money to the childrens hospice.

  • Belfastwhite

    “…and no working relationship with the police is utterly foolhardy.”

    So you be happy with CRJ working with the current Police WBR? That’s a very SDLP attitude you have there!