Bundoran: the Blackpool of Ireland?

Paul at NI Magyar has spotted the Lonely Planet Guide entry for Bundoran. Newcastle gets it in the neck too.

  • Carnhill

    Bundoran – Tacky ? Kitsch ? Aye, probably guilty on both counts, but who gives a fuck if it’s tacky & Kitsch as long as the wains can have a good time on the beach and in the amusements, and the adults can enjoy the craic in the bars !
    Great wee seaside town – only thing it lacks is a bit more sunshine, but there’s not a lot that can be done about that !

  • obviously

    reminds me of the sunday people’s best ever headline in its southern edition a few years back – ‘BUNDORAN – IT’S A KIP!’

    there’d been a row after a columnist in the paper wrote that bundoran was tacky compared to a lot of the rest of donegal and the fermanagh lakeland.

    there was irrational uproar in bundoran and a ridiculous letter writing and smear campaign against the paper and its staff. the headline followed to prove their columnist was standing by his words. interestingly, budoran’s business people threatened to sue. that came to nought however. i think they looked up the word tacky and realised they hadn’t a hope.

    the irony is, of course, that bundoran has become a tacky hole and an irish eyesore because of floods of people from belfast pissing all over it every half decent weekend.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Given its’ location it was virtually impossiblre to make a shithole out of Newcastle, but somehow the planners managed to do it.

    As for Bundoran, haven’t been for a decade or so, but the people of Belfast certainly pissed millions into Brian Mc Eniffs pockets.

  • arnie

    Well rest assured Pat that they didnt exactly plough it back into giving the place a makeover and its got a lot worse as the years go on. its so close to the sea that it makes me wish i could get me hands on a massive brush.

  • Sean

    ‘but the people of Belfast certainly pissed millions into Brian Mc Eniffs pockets. ‘

    They pissed on him so well, that he has a hotel in nearly every town in Ireland, fair play to him.
    Bundoran is a kip, try to get a decent bite to eat in it, I dare you! Better chance of getting a love bite!
    I have never understood the attraction with Bundoran, even the beach itself is not great, there is a warning line which keeps you from submerging past your ankles.Although, I do confess to having taken part in a couple of sessions in Big Joe’s when it was big Joe’s and before he lost the plot!
    I much prefer Rossnowlagh beach and Creevy Pier, also just before you come to Rossnowlagh, from the Ballyshannon side, there’s a wee coffee shop ( old thatched cottage) that serves the 2nd best vegetable soup in Ireland.

  • D

    “the 2nd best vegetable soup in Ireland.”

    Who serves the best?

  • frank

    Tullan Strand, a ten minute walk from Bundoran has a superb beach.

  • Sean

    “the 2nd best vegetable soup in Ireland.

    Who serves the best? ”

    Hands down, Mary’s book shop (Bookfinders)just down from QUB students Union. Across from Beatrice Kennedy’s over-priced restaurant.Her potato and leek and green velvet are not bad either.
    A Quirky little place, with the best soup and conversations in Belfast. Ask for a wooden bowl.
    (She’ll owe me a wooden bowl of vegetable soup for this plug).

  • Nicholas Pugachev

    Budoran is a hole full of spides… can’t fault them there.

    LP/Rough Guides in past years :

    Newtownards : best viewed from Scrabo tower…. & thats the closest you want to get.

    & the classic about Limerick from the early 90s

    “best viewed from a rear view mirror, of a car rapidly leaving town”

  • Ling

    I never understood why Bundoran was supposed to be this great holiday place. Got dragged off there as a kid one summer holiday, and dear God it is indeed a complete dive. Tackyness can be forgiven but Bundoran is crap, and that’s the real crime. At least Blackpool has rollercoasters and isn’t a 5 hour drive from everywhere (1991 being driven by a father absolutle terrified of crossing the border into NI, loooong drive on crap roads)

  • J Kelly

    ling what was your da on the run for

  • piebald

    Ling – i’ve taken that loooong drive on crap roads too and it was the best part of the trip – checking out the Shannon Pot where the mighty river springs from and borrowing turf for the campfire ! good memories

  • Carnhill

    Well the consensus seems to be agreeing with Lonely Planet in sayin that Bundoran is basically shite. So then, what exactly could be done to make the place a better holiday destination for Irish families ? As someone who lives just outside Bundoran and who knows a few of the money-men and councillors in the town, I’d be interested to know what practical improvements people think could be made (no smart answers re bulldozing the place pls).

  • Belfastwhite

    I’ve been to Bundoran with the family maybe six out of the last ten years, sometimes twice a year! It’s a home away from home and the kids never complain. I find the people very friendy and the grub is fine for me but maybe I am easily satisfied. I agree with Frank that Tullan Strand is beautiful, got a warm day there last year and it was a treat. The only problem with the rides is I can’t keep the kids away from them. BTW I also spend a lot of time around Newcastle and Castlewellan so maybe I’m just a bit tacky.