‘Politicians not listening to young people’…

A NEW report suggests that young people in Northern Ireland are disillusioned by politics. Having said that, both the DUP and Sinn Fein appear to have attracted growing numbers of younger members in the recent past.PA reported:

Even though nearly half of them [young people questioned in Northern Ireland] believed issues such as health and education were relevant in their lives, many were disengaged from mainstream politics.

A study into the attitudes of 16 to 24 year-olds by the Institute for Conflict Research claimed that 41% felt politicians did not listen to their views.

But 67% said they would vote for them if they did.

Half of the respondents associated politics with the peace process while a third believed local politics was mainly about sectarianism.

Nearly 50% who voted claimed their family was the greatest influence on how they chose a candidate and 36% felt they had something to contribute to politics in Northern Ireland.

Seamus Magee, head of the Electoral Commission`s Office, said: “It is clear many young people are passionate about issues that affect their lives, but are turned off by the mainstream political process.

“Many feel they have something to contribute to politics in Northern Ireland and would be willing to become more involved if they were persuaded that politicians are listening to their opinions and concerns.”