Feeney: no deal this year…

In this Reuters Editor’s Choice piece, he’s worth quoting in full, “It will happen — there’s no alternative,” said Feeney. “Both governments, British and Irish, are determined that eventually this will come to pass, it’s just when. Right now it’s too early, it’s too big a jump for Sinn Fein and the DUP.”

  • When I hear the expression “There’s no alternative” I always smile because what the speaker means is “I don’t want there to be an alternative”!

    But then, doublespeak is part of the political vocabulary, and if I may be so bold, I would invite Slugger readers over to A TANGLED WEB today so they can listen to our first ever PODCAST on the topic of politicians, what they say and what they mean! It’s dress down Friday, so mosey on over to our humble abode…

  • David. You do know that Mick charges for adverts? ;p

  • Pete,

    I charge for raising the tone of the joint 😉

  • dodrade

    I’m no fan of Brian Feeney, but I must admit his predictions are rarely wrong. It will be intersting to see exactly where we are in 18 months time.