Latest Sinn Fein spy outed

Well, it looks like this one wasn’t tittle tattle. In fact nobody seems to have fingered Sean Lavelle before he outed himself. The party worker joins a growing band of ex informers from inside the Republican movement.

  • Paul Rea

    Mick, it breaks down like this. You, me, WBR believe that the agents should be exposed rather than covered for. Pat and others think they should be covered for. Not because they think touting is right but because they want to protect their party. I think some things are bigger than party interests. The Brits colluded in the killings of Irish citizens. Who they colluded with is less important than that they did collude. Let us see the extent of that collusion wherever it leads us.

  • elfinto

    Well, well. Talk about washing dirty linen in public!

    With regards to the woman involved in the episode under discussion (I have no idea who she is btw) has it occurred to any of you in this debate that she may have had acted on her own volition rather than being a passive object in the affair.

    Some of the comments on this thread discuss her as if she is an item of property to be passed around with no control over her own actions. Are we talking about the Irish republican movement or the Hezbollah here. I am very confused!!

  • Paul Rea

    elfinto, easy confused eh? Looking back over the thread there seems nothing that would lend itself to your conclusion or confusion. The woman is a free agent able to do as she wishes. I have seen nothing to suugest otherwise. She can screw as many as she wants for all it matters to me, probably Pat and WBR as well. Problem is he is subject to other constraints. But perhaps what you really wish to do is move the focus to her and change the debate to women’s rights and away from him and the security based, not moral, concerns that have been discussed in this thread. Sorry, have to go, my partner isn’t wearing her veil high enough. Must hit her over the head with the Koran.

  • Mickhall


    I paused before posting this as I do not wish to sidetrack the thread, but you are wrong if you believe the majority of the members of Hezbollah treat there wife’s as property. How these bits of prejudice are placed into our heads is interesting but a topic for another thread. Although surly we should all be conscious of it happening and guard against it for none of us are immune to it.

    Best regards.

  • west belfast resident

    ‘Problem is he is subject to other constraints.’

    That is exactly right. CT was in a position of command, he was negligent enough sending out this man on the nite in question. It looks on the face of it that CT was sending him out to get caught, since the peelers would have jumped all over anything that moved after an episode like the bombing earlier in the day.

    For him to further damage his command status by moving in with the wife of one of his men when she was left on her own,as the husband had been put away directly through CTs actions is unbelievable.

    There are many limping around today for less.