DUP thinking in line with government?

Interesting line of from Brian Feeney. Although the DUP’s detailed proposals for a way forward are not due to be published for another fortnight or three weeks, he argues that the party’s announcement may be in line with government thinking.

  • Pete Baker

    It was interesting when I noted it here too, Mick 😉

    The Sunday Times article, in which Hain’s comments were reported, can be found at this post – rolling devolution model possible?

  • slug

    “from time immemorial, unionists have been taught to regard [the rest of the people on this island] as untermensch.”

    Theres that Fr Reid/Mary McAleese thing cropping up again.

  • oceallaigh

    It’s not that often Feeny is wrong and I think he is probably right again ! I guess we will all have to wait and see .

  • fair_deal

    1. The premise that a restoration of some form of devolution does not involve the cross-border bodies is flawed. The return of some accountable structures means the cross-border bodies will most probably come out of ‘care and maintenance’ mode.
    2. If everyone stuck to the positions they had adopted in 1979 or 1982 no progress will ever be made.
    3. For accuracy Sinn Fein did not take their seats in the Northern ireland assembly because their constitution forbade them from sitting in such a body whatever their opinions on rolling devolution. Sinn fein certainly made a big hullabaloo about this change after the Belfast Agreement was signed. Shouldn’t someone who wrote a history of them know this?
    4. There seems to be a subtext to this piece why aren’t the DUP proposing nothing and just jumping up and down saying ‘NO’? The DUP have developed the sense that you cannot respond to something with nothing, hence the need for fresh proposals especially in the context of the upcoming IMC report. Also in the context of a changing Labour leadership it has an appeal in London, progress can be commenced on Blair’s shift and a possible full restoration early in Brown’s shift.

  • It will be interesting to see the detail when this comes out, and whether or not it is consistent with the analysis above.