Adams: more agents to come

Interesting statement from Gerry Adams this morning, in which he gently chides the media for dealing in tittle tattle and then promptly tells us that there is more spying revelations to come:PA reports:

Thinking republicans, he said, were resigned to the fact that there were always spies in struggles such as the one in Northern Ireland. The Sinn Féin leader said he had every confidence in his party’s negotiating team despite the revelation that Mr Donaldson was a spy.

Everything is a done deal it seems:

“Anyway what more is there to negotiate about?” the West Belfast MP asked. “The negotiations are done. What more is there to negotiate about? We have had seven years, eight years, nine years, 10 years of negotiations. What we now need to see is delivery of all of the agreements that were reached, crystallised in the Good Friday Agreement”.

And then the heads up:

By the way, you are going to hear more of this. You are going to get more alleged agents or real agents being trotted out in the time ahead. You are going to get more efforts by dissident elements within the British system to stop progress. You are going to get this seized upon by the DUP and others who are afraid of a future based on equality. What we have to be is tenacious, resilient and patient about moving all of this forward.

Sound news management perhaps: but it’s hard to see how the tittle tattle will go away after that. Although that will depend entirely on who is turning on and off the tap.