Lembit: future leader of the Lib Dems?

Well, I guess he’d treat the speculation with his own pinch of salt. But here’s 20 things you may not have known about Mark Oaten’s Ulster born campaign manager Lembit Opik.

  • Lembit wouldn’t be the first Lib Dem leader to have Ulster connections.Although he was born in New Delhi,Jeremy John Durham Ashdown was largely brought up in Northern Ireland.

  • bob Wilson

    ‘North of England based’ – this will be news to his Welsh constituents – not to mention Ms Lloyd. Shoddy journalism at the Sunday Life – there’s a surprise.
    Simon hughes is a shoe in which will suit Lembit fine

  • I note he likes Elvis C. So he has one redeeming quality…..

  • Brian Boru

    I understand the whispering campaign against Charles Kennedy started because he “only” got 62 seats (9% of the Commons seats). However, as he actually gained 24% of the vote in 2005, this only goes to show how unfair the Westminster electoral system is. Another argument for reunification.

  • All well and true but it overlooks the way Opik is regarded by many as a true geek, especially because of his obsession with asteroids destroying the planet (which is about as likely as a Liberal Democrat government!).