Devolution without executive power sharing?

Everytime there’s an impasse, someone from the DUP and/or Sinn Fein says ‘let’s move on without them (ie the other major party)’. This time, the DUP promises a paper outlining a way forward that is short of power sharing with Sinn Fein; which is not necessarily the same thing. Trouble is, each of the two key parties have a mutual veto button. If Danny Morrison is reflecting the thinking inside the Sinn Fein leadership that there is no rush for a deal this year, then the confidence building in the reality of IRA’s end of campaign statement and decommission may have to take place within a vacuum.

  • So
    In laymens terms they’ve got each other by the bollox. Neither side willing to let go, in case the other side takes advantage.
    Like Micks piece on a long peace.
    My old headmaster would give them both six-o-the-best, and tell them to shake hands and get back to the play-ground. In fact children from 10 yrs upward are taught at school PEACEFUL CONFLICT RESOLUTION
    Respect the right to disagree.
    Express your real concerns.
    Share common goals and interests.
    Open yourself to different points of view.
    Listen carefully to all proposals.
    Understand the major issues involved.
    Think about probable consequences.
    Imagine several possible alternative solutions.
    Offer some reasonable compromises.
    Negotiate mutually fair cooperative agreements.

    –Robert E. Valett
    Is this so difficult?
    Maybe they should agree to a one-on-one contest.
    Gerry versus Ian.
    Each man is given a hot mop, and they have to slap each other silly, till one gives in.

  • martin ingram


    Well done Spirit you are getting it slowly but you are getting it.


  • Markkus

    The DUP should be called the DOT. Democracy on Our Terms. What they don’t understand or refuse to accept is that Democracy is the will of the electorate – and this means power sharing with Sinn Fein, however unpalatable that may seem. There is no democracy without that. The difference between the two major parties is that Sinn Fein can’t move on because the DUP won’t play ball while the DUP won’t move on if it means working with Sinn Fein. In fairness to the DUP, they, like all Unionist parties, run the risk of being accused of “selling us down the river to a United Ireland” and any co-operation with “Sinn Fein-IRA” could be labelled like that by a breakaway element, such as Bob “intellectual” McCartney, or whoever.

  • hmpt

    “like all Unionist parties, run the risk of being accused of “selling us down the river to a United Ireland””

    Well for that, they kind of only have themselves to blame, they shot down the UUP with that rhetoric, now they are in danger of being accused of that themselves. They lay that particular trap too well and only have themselves to blame. Pity they can’t put their impressive PR machine to a positive use – although I suppose there is time yet.