Can anyone translate from Durkanese..?

JUST as they seemed to be making some headway, the SDLP appear confused. Durkan says the DUP’s proposed “two-stage process isn’t open” and the SDLP will apparently not consider any measures short of giving the Northern Ireland Assembly back its full powers. Yet: “If parties aren’t willing to form an inclusive executive, we then have to look at what other options there are short of suspension and direct rule again. But parties are only going to get real about how far they are going to go in circumstances where the governments are saying very clearly that there is a definite date for restoration.” Can anyone translate?I honestly don’t know what Durkan means when he says of the DUP’s two-stage process:

“A two-stage process isn`t open. If you start saying we are just going to go for a fallback, and then starting with a fallback that is just holding back.

“Let’s test it and see how far parties are willing to go.”

There is a valid point in there somewhere, I’m sure of it. Seeing it is another matter entirely.