rolling devolution model possible?

Another Liam Clarke article, again in the Sunday Times, reports that Peter Hain has accepted that the government could adopt a rolling devolution model – in which the Assembly is restored, but the power-sharing executive is delayed. There are some quotes about the possibilities from the DUPs Peter Robinson and the SDLP’s Mark Durkan, who reiterated his position on the BBC’s Politics Show – arguing that the interim proposal would only be an option “if parties aren’t willing to form an inclusive executive”. Which already seems to be the case. Undoubtedly the two main unionist parties would be happy with the interim proposal, although when, or if, the second step is to be taken would be of concern to the other parties.

  • martin ingram

    Dont worry lads, just like Spirit Level argues

    ” Just give it another Year”


    Johnny Logan sings a lovely Irish song “What`s another Year”. At least he did win the Eurovision with his effort.The Shinners will have a few long faces with this proposal.


  • Interesting link from the BBC site about new laws lifting the ban on the tapping of M.P.’s phone calls by the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service.
    Wonder what the sinn fein “honorable” members think of that?
    Wonder even more if there is a need to tap calls that are already reported on anyhow?

  • martin ingram

    Naughty Post. IT

    Collateral my friend as well you know.

  • Henry94

    Only those with goldfish memories will think that Sinn Fein MPs aren’t bugged already. Didn’t Liam Clarke in his book publish telephone conversation between Martin McGuinness and Mo Mowlam MP. Didn’t he get the tape from a branchman.

    So what’s new really?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    What is REALLY hypocritical is that Reid is acting like he never authorised telephone taps on MPs while Secretary of State here!

    Might blog that one.

  • steve48

    odds are we’ll have a shadow or advisory assembly by Sept with full devolution returning post election May 07.

    Policing and justice devolved in 07

    gives the dups another year to assess ceasefire and allows the Government to properly review no of depts etc in wake of RPA

    also means the government can take all the hard decisions i.e. water rates

  • Brian Boru

    Actually maybe rolling-devolution is better than nothing.