I’ve tried to resist mentioning this, believe me I have.. but I can do so no longer.. The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, George Galloway, who our US audience, and others, may remember from his appearance in front of the Senate Committee investigating corruption in the UN Oil-for-food operation.. is in Celebrity Big Brother.. *shakes head*.. his fans *ahem* at Harry’s Place have a round-up of coverage of his most recent exploit.. and the Daily Ablution’s Scott Burgess has the video [in a political commentary/parody way].Even before that had happened, last year’s contestant Germaine Greer had some mild criticisms.

[Update link fixed] Update2 Channel 4 news has a report that includes some footage of Pussycat George [warning sound is on] including the immortal line from Rula Lenska “You’ve got cream all over your whiskers”.. and from one of George’s constituents – “He’s a bit of an idiot really”

Another update Link lifted from Harry’s Place. The original video clip, with original sound, is available here [Probably NSFW]

  • soapy

    this is reality television at its finest. unpredictable, a shade edgy, bonkers, funny and yet still managing to reveal the person within.

    i admire old george in some ways, in fact i went to see him speak at the belfast festival and he was a class act. he’s truly a very, very smart man, a man with an uncertain charisma, a man of letters and culture and courage galore.

    BUT… then came big brother, and goodbye to all that.

  • missfitz

    Oh dear god. I have been listening to this on the news, and thought, well how bad can it be?

    Thank you so much for the video, it surpassed my worst expectation. It was truly stomach churning, undignified and revolting.

    Isnt it well for people like George, that can take an unauthorised leave of absence from work like that and act the (maggot/kitten) in a TV show?

  • Fair play to him for doing something different.

    Certainly beats the childish bickering our very own politicians get up to day in, day out…

  • Pete Baker


    I’m hoping that someone will put online the video with the original sound.. it is [if you can imagine it] even worse than it appears.

  • martin ingram

    How about one based on the Characters from this board? Now that woulld be reality TV at its best.

    I will certainly vote for George what a man.

  • missfitz

    any hope i would have of an undisturbed sleep would be completely shot with the original sound.

    And cheap, sorry I cant agree. Ironically, the one thing I have lost now for this man is “repsect”. When he went on to CBB, he said he wanted to show a younger generation how people should behave toward each other, and how people of his generation had a better sense of themselves.

    Good job there George, way to go to gain respect and deport yourself in a dginified way.

  • Mickhall

    Ah, but all those ex lefties over and Harry and Norm’s place, who cannot like previous generations of turn coats admit to themselves they have got the foremans job at last, but prefer to lie to themselves that it is not them who have changed their politics but the rest of us. If only, they must wish the un-American activities committee was still going, they could then testify before it like their namesakes did in the past. I have nothing against any one who changes their politics, that is one of the joys of living in a democracy, but please don’t take on the mantle of the martyr when doing so. One changes ones politics to suit oneself.

    Anyway enough of my rant, they are missing the point. The one thing about a politician being in the BB house instead of the other one at Westminster, is he/she is harming no one but themselves.

    Soon may it be when Mr Blair and Bush are nominated by their public for a spell in the big brother house. Still I hear it has slipped out that the least the current bunch of celeb’s are getting paid is 60K, some alot more, so much for ‘charity’. If channel 4 can up the anti a bit, can we expect to see Mrs Blair in the next show.

  • I guess his critics were right…he is a pussy.

  • Emily

    Good one, UI!

    Pete – for the love of humanity, I do not EVER want to hear the real sound from that video.

  • Plum Duff

    George had the non-conformist world lapping (No pun – honest!!) at his feet. We all cheered him as he lashed into those pompous, arrogant warmongers of the US Senate. He maintained his dignity throughout and demolished their attacks on his honour and probity with calm, measured refutation.

    And then he went on Big Brother…..

    God, need I say more?

  • Pete Baker

    No offence intended, Plum Duff.. but, and it’s an all too frequent an occurence here for a commenter to assume that they think the same way as everyone else, I’m not a conformist and I have never, ever, cheered George Galloway for anything.. actually it’s arguable that such a cheer was the conformist response..

    ANYway.. Better for everyone to state what they, personally believe.. rather than donning the mantle of an assumed group mentality.. and we can argue it from there.

  • Plum Duff

    Point taken, Pete.

  • For those unable to listen to the actual soundtrack, the Guardian has thoughtfully printed a transcript..

    Cat’s whiskers: George and Rula at play

    Rula is with George in the living area. He is on the sofa and she is on the rug. Big Brother has suggested they try some animal role play exercises to warm up for the tasks ahead.

    George: “Would you like me to be the cat?”

    Rula: “Yes please.”

    [George proceeds to clamber down on to the rug beside Rula, and purrs throughout the exchange.]

    Rula: “Here pussy, pussy, pussy, yes … more tickles it’s OK … Oooh little pussy cat, there there pussy cat …”

    [George slowly licks his lips.]

    Rula: “You stay there, I’ll get you some milk, you like that don’t you …”

    [Rula pretends to get some milk. George is now on all fours, lapping pretend cream from Rula’s cupped hands.]

    Rula: “Yes, good pussy cat … that’s right, delicious! Good girl, good girl …”

    [George licks his lips and moustache.]

    Rula: “You’ve got cream all over your whiskers.”

    [She rubs his sideburns and says: “Good pussy cat.” George nuzzles into her lap and starts purring. Rula strokes his head and behind his ears.]

    Rula: “Oooh yes, has it been a trying day with all those people coming into the house, has it? You just like being alone with your mummy, don’t you?”

    Oh. My. God.

  • missfitz

    oh dear.

    it would have been a lot more difficult if Rula had been the cat………


    Say what you like about George, but he has certainly shown all those people who said that he couldn’t better the spectacle he made of himself when he gave Saddam that verbal BJ.

  • T

    Whoooaaa! Great stuff. I’m writing immediately to the Senate Committee to invite Hizzoner and Rula back to testify. I can just imagine the questions. Besides, the vetting of Alito is getting a little boring. How come you guys get all of the really good politicians?

  • Seemingly, George thinks not being evicted was a good thing..

    When asked about tonight’s eviction result, George greeted Big Brother with a huge grin, saying, “I’m relieved, it [the result] has restored my faith in your audience.”

    When probed about the other Housemates’ perceptions of him, George suggested he might be seen as an ‘elder statesman, a figurehead, hopefully an organising influence’ and possibly a ‘unifying figure’.

    How wrong he is.. I must also point the way to the latest images from the house.. George.. WTF?.. I may add this image to the original post at some point too..

  • Pete Baker

    And to complete the coverage, I’ve updated the post to include this link..

    The original video clip, with original sound, is available here [Probably NSFW]