Francie Molloy to return to the flock

According to a reported statement issued by Francie Molloy, the Mid Ulster MLA suspended from Sinn Féin by Mitchel McLaughlin after he called the 7 council model that emerged from the RPA, a model that Sinn Féin declared the party’s support for, “a sectarian headcount” which would be “endorsing gerrymandering”, he is to be re-admiitted to the party on 22 January. The internal affair, as Mitchel McLauglin referred to it, is reported to have been decided at a discplinary meeting before Christmas, although the party has declined to comment.At the time Francie Molloy described himself as feeling sore about the way he was silenced, and said, as I noted on Slugger, that there was a need to work out “how do [SF] members have a voice to represent their electorate”, quoting Gerry Adams saying that “[the party] doesn’t need sheep”.

But on BBC Ulster Radio Talkback earlier today, and in the report on IOL, he declined to say whether he still held the view that the 7 Council model was a sectarian headcount.. emphasising instead that it had already been decided by the government that such a model would be pursued and that he would be seeking to ensure that it was implemented fairly.

He also stated that, in future, he would be guided by party policy.