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Levee Breaks has the news graphic of the year, and an ascerbic reading of Sinn Fein’s equality agenda; JoBlog questions the quality of a ‘victory’ that leaves victims precisely where they were before – ie nowhere; El Blogador is chuffed; P O’Neill (Scotland) asked the inevitable question before Christmas; Balrog is not impressed with the SDLP performance. In all of this politicking, don’t miss Stephen Stewart’s rolling Christmas Dinner review. And Nelly has an eye for a text bite.

  • doc

    the Dossing Times talks about the Love ulster parade in Dublin wondering if it will be a test to see if accepting Unionists will be harder for Irish people then accepting Nigerians and poles.

  • doc
  • Seamus

    Thanks Mick! I love the graphic Levee. These all make really interesting reading. I predict a very late night ahead!