just a plain jailbird..

In case you were wondering where exactly the DUP leader Ian Paisley was when the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland prepared to engage the reverse gear on the Northern Ireland [Offences] Bill.. wonder no more. The [observant] Levee Breaks has spotted him at the Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennesse [spotted an article about him you mean? – Ed].. as for the question posed by Mr Levee.. perhaps he meant out of Northern Ireland?

  • T

    Is Mr. Levee suggesting that Big Ian’s stand on amnesty might be a bit, well, hypocritical? Shocking. Just shocking.

  • Ben A

    Whilst nobody has a greater claim on general disrespect of the awful DUP than I, there must be recognised a distinction between what the Rev. was in gaol for and what the OTR’s are accused of, not to mention the fact that they are OTR’s evading the legal system.

    Bizarre that he should make the jailbird comment though. Perhaps he was confusing the proverbial padded cell with a gaol.

  • Dualta

    Nice quote from the article from one of Dr. Paisley’s admirers:

    “His determination to keep Northern Ireland as part of the U.K. is what has caused the conflict through the years,” Temple Baptist Pastor Dr. Clarence Sexton explained. “He does not compromise.”

    I wonder if the DUP rpess office would agree? Ya gotta love the innocence of some of those Yanks (only kidding of course).

  • Thanks for the link, Pete.

    I actually liked the bit where one of the participants said “He’d get on a little Irish role there, and I wasn’t sure what he was saying”. I wonder exactly how many of the congregation were able to understand Paisley’s thick brogue?

  • T

    Never a good idea to call folks from that part of Tennessee “Yanks”, especially in their church to their faces. And, if you have ever listened to some of the dialect of our friends from some parts of this Country, Big Ian’s brogue would ring clear as a church bell.