Politics of behaviour…

Tony Blair launched his Respect campaign today. Amongst its proposals are to look at introducing baby Asbo’s (Basbos) aimed at curbing the behaviour of the under tens. However it raises serious questions about the extent to which the State should be intervening in the way communities decide their fate. The Today Programme had an excellent piece this morning (sound file). Listen for Patrick Diamond of IPPR in favour intervention and Robert Whelan of Civitas who argues that the criminal justice system needs overhauling and voluntary sector beefing up. No word of it being extended to Northern Ireland.

  • oceallaigh

    I wonder what punishments there should be for nations that break international laws and cause great misery , massive death and destruction in an illegal war on their global neighbours ……..Blair should be held to account for his transgressions too .People in glass houses shouldn`t throw stones .WE NEED A GLOBAL RESPECT CAMPAIGN TOO.check this link to the Guardian today calling for Blairs impeachment.

  • D’Oracle

    Ironic that G.Galloway is cloistered in Big Brother house with strange people while his nemesis hijacks the Respect Party label for his latest ‘policy’/PR initiative.

    Is that studied or what.!