Paisley: short term measures will not do

The NIO have refuted a report in the Sunday Independent that the “Irish and British governments are expected to publish an inventory of the weapons decommissioned by the IRA, to encourage the DUP into talks with Sinn Fein”. Ian Paisley Junior:

“The publication of an inventory that cannot be independently verified by a witness whom we had chosen, that is without photographic verification and comes after the decommissioning body confirmed to us that the inventory they had previously worked from, up until July 2005, had been changed and revised downwards in terms of numbers of weapons, will all be seen as significant credibility gaps.”

“The Government knows that the DUP is genuine in its desire to see progress but it must be on a firm foundation. This latest suggestion appears more like the shifting sands of uncertainty and expediency. Unionists deserve to have their confidence built, but that will not be achieved by short-term measures that are all about saving face rather than saving lives.”

  • How sustainable is a party that works over-time to deny Reality?
    It’s like SF saying putting out a press statement that the sun will rise tomorrow, and Ian Paisley Jr responding.
    ” This claim will need testing over time, we have all seen fake suns before, we need to set up a monitoring commission to ascertain whether or not in fact the sun does shine daily, or is this just another republican conspiracy undermining democracy, and the rightmindedness of our Party”

  • Mick Fealty


    “How sustainable is a party that works over-time to deny Reality?”

    Two thoughts:

    Seriously: as long as they get the mandate, they are quids in.

    Tritely: you may have inadvertently struck upon a singular definition of Northern Irish politics, or at least one that describes this tediously long moment in history.

  • Mick,
    Hmm “singular definition” that is praise.
    cue S-L giving you the hands together Zen bow.

    Can I have your ad hominem ruling on questioning a persons or parties sanity on your webblog?

    I want to say that aswell as the Americans turning up next week, I think we need a team of clinical psychologists, and men in white coats.

    I don’t think I’m the only one chewing my fist off, that the acting is so bad in this norn iron drama.
    Can we enter these realms of sanity/madness?

  • topdeckomnibus


    From little know much.

    So how much more must be known from nothing.

    In the Decommissioning Terms I see no reflection of the Garland Plan.

    In the charity activity of British Irish Rights Watch I see no reflection of the Garland Plan.

    In three decades of MI5 budgeting and deployment I see no reflection of the Garland Plan.

    In three decades of police training and briefing I see no reflection of the Garland Plan.

    In three decades of Army Intelligence activity I see no reflection of the Garland Plan

    In the unreal “enemy within” world of Airey Neave and fellow cold war warriors I have seen what appeared to be a reflection of the Garland Plan ( I maybe thought I saw it fleetingly as part of the 1969 Job Evaluation exercise in the Army)

    Perhaps I am not good at seeing reflections of the Garland Plan.

    I would meditate on this but I don’t think I will bother. Perhaps MI5 had ridden the enemy’s blade (More Musashi) and now the thoughts of the many remain only on bomb and bullet and domestic spy rings.

  • topdeckomnibus,
    Relections that don’t spring from self-reflection are as the Buddhas turds!

    Now is that the Judy or Sean Garland Plan?
    psst. Me me in St.Louis, we’ll talk in whispers of immortality 😉

    ad hominem on questioning sanity?
    I remember Ken Clarke in a flustered moment at the dispatch box referring to his opposite number:
    ” May I suggest the right hon gentlemen returns to his dark room and keeps taking the pills”
    The Speaker let it pass.
    I do not wish to be clipped sir !

  • Crataegus


    “How sustainable is a party that works over-time to deny Reality?”

    Only as long as the spiritual leader. Post Paisley it will all get very interesting and at that stage no doubt all sorts of stories will surface about the leading contenders.

  • yes Crateagus I think you have it there.