What’s in Derry for Unionists?

Gregory Campbell has told the Derry Journal that if Nationalists want the support of Derry Unionists for public funding of a local GAA Club it should show its own bona fides by providing funding for a sports centre on the Waterside in the city.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    If republicans from the Gobnascale and Bogside areas, many of whom are seen wearing GAA tops, were to cease their almost nightly attacks on the vulnerable Protestant residents of Irish Street and the Fountain, then they would perhaps think about lending their support. Otherwise why should they bother when there is an orchestrated attempt by nationalists/republicans to drive them out of the West Bank and the Top of the Hill area of the East Bank?

    If Protestant lives are being put at risk by these faceless cowards, why then should they support a project that could benefit them?

  • CL, agreed…

    Republicans and Nationalists in Derry should be making a special effort to accommodate Loyalists and Unionists. They have a comfortable majority in the city and should not feel threatened in any way. It’s somewhere that a little effort could reap big rewards in building trust between the two communities, e.g. allowing more Orange marches in Nationalist areas, where they could be invited and not viewed as triumphalist. It’s a pity the louts are squandering the opportunity.

  • Concerned Loyalist


    A voice of reason at last. All I ever hear is that:

    “the Huns bring it on themselves”.

    “How exactly?”, I ask.

    “They should know they’re not wanted on the City-side”, is the common response…

  • The “Huns” no more bring it on themselves than the “Taigs” do in places like Larne. I absolutely believe the burdon of responsibility falls on a majority community to protect and nurture a minority community in all circumstances, that is the very nature of Republicanism as far as I’m concerned (does that make me a Concerned Republican!?).

  • Concerned Loyalist

    That’s a good theory P.B. but in practice that is certainly not the nature of IRISH Republicanism…

  • lib2016

    There are bigots and worse amongst republicans as there are in any large group but I believe that the vast majority of Irish republicans are attempting to build a better and more equal society for all, including our unionist neighbours.

  • CL,

    I’m Irish and a Republican, my brand of Republicanism does not include harassing my neighbours who have a different outlook than mine. The behaviour of “Republicans” in the north is a little closer to Fascism and intolerance for people who are different. I could accuse some Loyalists of perpetrating outrages also, but then they don’t describe themselves as Republicans. I guess the difference is I aspire to the Republic as the ultimate platform for human equality (I’m not sure if you are a monarchist or not, but I suspect that most working class Loyalists would be British Republicans had they been born into simililar socio-economic circumstances elsewhere in the UK, I may be way off on this). It’s a pity the term has been hijacked by those who have no use for equality. In it’s strictest sense Republicanism is something you should feel comfortable aspiring to. I am from Ireland, and I believe in the Republic therefore I am an Irish Republican, I don’t need to define my politics by what I am not, or by who I oppose.

  • Carnhill

    CL, you’d be best advised to get your facts right – Can’t speak about attacks in the waterside, but the situation re the fountain has certainly been helped by the actions of republicans in attempting to stop young people from the bogside / Brandywell from causing trouble at the Fountain interface. The fact is that there is no orchestrated attempt to rid the West-Bank of protestants – just a bunch of wains (aged around 10-15 years) headin up there to cause trouble. Certainly not nice and something which should be condemned, but also a million miles from an orchestrated campaign !
    Also i think you’ll find that the clothing of choice tends to be celtic tops / tracksuits , NOT Gaelic tops (You’d be hard pushed to find anyone wearing gaelic tops in the city unfortunately (derry has always been a ‘soccer’ city)- almost as likely to find someone wearing a gaelic top in Larne !). Then again why bother about facts when you’re obviously just using the gaelic storey as a means of launching your pointless diatribe.
    Another fact you may wish to digest is that the Gaelic club in question is actually based in creggan and so unlikely to be of benefit to your imaginary gaelic warriors from the Bogside and Gobnascale !

  • hitlersatout

    carnhill…where they breed more touts than kids…lmao…even ask hitler

  • Unhappy Harbour Rat

    I am from Larne and would like to point out the gross inaccuracy of your statement PopeBuckfast! Especially in recent years there have been many steps forward in the borough – eg the building of a Gaelic/hurling pitch. I have many Catholic friends (infact as someone from the protestant background I attended a Catholic school) and none of them have experienced problems or felt threatened living in the town. I am not saying that the town is perfect – far from it, but I think perhaps you could have used manys a better example of places where “taigs may bring it on themselves”.

  • UHR, I was making a point above geography but please accept my apologies, I meant no slur on Larne, just as I meant no slur on Derry, it has gotten bad press in the past and that made it an easy choice… please feel free to substitute “Town of your choice where catholic homes have been targeted by loyalists”. Now please my friend, be a happy harbour rat :o)

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I attend university in the city and I do concede that Celtic and ROI football tops would outnumber GAA tops.

    However, I have consistently seen a vast number of the following tops in the city centre and on the UU Magee campus: the red and white of “Doire” and “TirEoighan”, the black and red of “An Dun”, the yellow of “Aontrim” and the blue and the orange of Fermanagh and Armagh respectively, who I don’t remember the cave-man Gaelic terms for. I have also come across Kerry, Mayo and Dublin tops, but in smaller numbers it has to be said.

    As for there being no concerted campaign to rid the West Bank of Protestant heretics…do you honestly believe that? Who taught your “10-15 year olds” to make paint and petrol bombs?

  • George

    Concerned Loyalist,
    you alleged at the start of this post that “republicans from the Gobnascale and Bogside areas, many of whom are seen wearing GAA tops,” were carrying out “nightly attacks on the vulnerable Protestant residents of Irish Street and the Fountain”.

    Now you are saying you only saw these tops in the city centre and on the UU Magee campus. That’s a bit of leap.

    By the way, are you saying people shouldn’t be allowed wear GAA tops at university or in the city centre? Is there something deviant or criminal about wearing a GAA jersey?

    P.S. Five-year-olds have been caught throwing stones up north from both sides. They weren’t taught it, they just mimic their elders.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I didn’t “allege” that republicans, some wearing GAA tops, were in the business of attacking Protestant homes. I am saying that it is FACT…various independent eyewitness accounts that are consistent with each other make this so.

    In relation to your P.S.: Making petrol and paint bombs takes a little more skill than launching a stone do you not agree?

  • BogExile

    Another quite unacceptable outbreak of concensus. I think that Pope B has got it right. In areas where there is a clear majority of one persuasion or another it ought to be their responsibility to protect the minority.

    Derry is all the more diverse and vibrant for its Protestant population. But either SFIRA doesn’t care about or (worse) cannot control the anti-social spides who harass their protestant neighbours. The responsible thing would be for republicans to endorse the PSNI and allow interfaces to be policed while they and their loyaalist counterparts concentrate on pulling down the literal and metophorical walls. The exact same process should apply in reverse in places like Larne and Ballymena.

    But then I need my tablets again.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    A very mature and measured response “Bog Exile”.

    Larne and Ballymena have undoubtedly got problems with sectarianism, but areas in Ballymena, such as Fisherwick and Dunclug, house republicans that are just as guilty of sectarian intimidation and attacks on Protestant homes as militant Ballymena Protestants from Ballee and Harryville. This is quite different from Londonderry however, on the West Bank at least, where it is almost exclusively republican sectarianism directed against the minority Protestant population…

  • Carnhill


    You very well may go to uni in Derry, however you obviously know very little of the city. My family home is in the Bogside and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GAA top being worn by young people there, similarly with other estates in the City. I’ll repeat again – derry City is very much a ‘soccer’ city (something borne out by the fact that not one player from the derry All-Ireland winning team came from the City!). The red and white Doire tops you see both in the university and in the city centre are most likely being worn by students like yourself who study at Magee and come from rural areas of the county. I’d also hazard a guess that the down tops you see are being worn by people from Down, same for tyrone, Armagh etc etc. What this has to do with your original fantasy of people in GAA tops attacking the fountain and Iriah street is anybodys guess.
    As for teaching 10-15 year-ols how to throw paint & petrol bombs – are you serious ?? A ‘Paint Bomb’ is simply a bottle with paint in it – even the stupidest 10-year old can work out how to make those ! A petrol-bomb again doesn’t take much imagination to work out – however the throwing of petrol bombs at the inetrfaces you mention is EXTREMELY rare – hence the reason why one petrol bomb being thrown in to the fountain was headline news on UTV last week !
    CL – you obviosly know very little about the situation on the interfaces in Derry – my advice to you would be not to spout off complete nonsense about something about which you are quite ignorant – it only undermines anything else you say. The FACT is the incidences at the Fountain interface are being caused by very young teenagers, usually nothing more than minor shouting & stone-throwing, and republican activists are continually working to calm the situation.
    As for your assertion that Derrys west bank is completely different from other areas eg ballymena in that it is one-sided – Complete and utter BS – nothing more, nothing less. It is well known to the police that some extreme loyalists have moved in to the Fountain in the last few years in order to stir things up – in fact the most serious incident ever to occurr on the interface involved the throwing of a pipe bomb FROM the Fountain estate out into a neighbouring ‘Catholic’ street !! This happened only a few months ago – so again CL don’y make yourself out to be an idiot by talking about things you know very little about !
    Just one more point – to Bogexile – the Fountain interface is not any kind of no-go area for the PSNI – in fact the main Derry Courthouse is only yards from it. Nobody is stopping the PSNI from patrolling in this area.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I would never wear a Gaelic top as:
    1) It is not part of my culture as a Protestant and a Loyalist and, 2) Even if fate had given me a bad hand (humour) and caused me to be born into the RC faith, I could never support an organisation that promotes institutionalised sectarianism i.e. Rule 21.

    I am also not from a “rural area” of the country, but instead live on the outskirts of County Londonderry’s biggest town, Coleraine.

    Therefore you are wrong on both counts…students like me are not the people seen wearing “Doire” GAA tops in the City of Londonderry.

  • Carnhill

    Well Done CL,

    Your pathetic initial post has been shown up for what it is i.e. a completely ignorant schoolboy analysis of the situation at derrys interfaces, motivated by nothing more than your obvious dislike of the GAA, and completely riddled with inaccuracies. So how do you respond ? with a pedantic reply focussing on the phrase ‘students like yourself’ !?!
    I really cannot even take you seriously any more. Are you sure you’re at university ? Doesn’t say much for the standards at Magee these days.
    PS Congratulations on coming from ‘County Londonderrys biggest town’ – must fill you with pride that one !

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I understand deeply the intimidation and sectarian attacks that have to be endured by the residents of Irish Street and the Fountain. Community workers in Irish Street have spoken to Richard Russell, the local PSNI Commander, on countless occasions about the need for CCTV and/or round-the-clock police protection from Gobnascale hooligans. This is not a myth- some sort of loyalist propaganda- this is the reality of the situation at this interface!

    Secondly, I stated that I was from the county’s biggest town to merely discredit the false observation that I was from a “rural area”…