Deal is 17 months away at least

Barry White’s prediction of when a deal will take place is as good as any. Not this year, he reckons, and probably no brought forward election, as had been rumoured before. In which case, the elections in Northern Ireland and the Republic may come into rough synchrony, and allow Sinn Fein to benchmark the extent of their political progress to date north and wouth. Which could free them to cut a deal that’s finally acceptable to their old adversaries in the DUP.

  • D’Oracle

    Is “Rough Synchrony” a posthumous Barry White CD or what?

  • Crataegus

    17 months that soon?

    What does 17 months pay & expenses equal? A few hospital departments, Primary Schools, University departments, or better care for the elderly?

    I was one of those willing to suspend severe reservations and support the agreement in the hope that there would be a bit of progress. Its been going, or not going, long enough for it to be clear it is a liability. Therefore I feel cheated and well pissed off.

    No plan B so we stay in the Twilight Zone. Not good enough!

    Hain be my guest, close it NOW and inflict pain on those closest to the problem and while you are at it you and your colleagues should accept responsibility. Failure used to require resignations. So Hain, Smith, Rooker, Woodward and Hanson any of you willing to accept responsibility for collective failure?