PSNI confesses salary mess up…

Another comedy of errors, only this one was not so funny for the people concerned. Apparently the normally annonymous lodgments for those on PSNI payrolls were marked “PSNI” in December, alerting banking and building society employees which of their customers was in receipt of money from that quarter. Emm, anyone for another conspiracy theory?

  • topdeckomnibus

    A variation from shoving a wad of money into an innocent man’s hands … that would make a conspiracy Mick.

    But I am glad the idea of “Cock up”, as opposed to coincidence or conmspiracy, has featured on Slugger threads.

    Conspiracy is something which usually begins with the need to cover up a cock up. The first step in devising such a cover up is to invent a plan to imply that there was a strategy from the outset, part of which was the event at first regarded, by some, as a cock up.

    Keep watching that credit transfer space Mick.

    A classic one was the sinking of the Belgrano.

    We start with a cock up (the torpedos were not reaching their predicted in service reliability standards). We conceal the role of the RN Intelligence Commander who advised Thatcher to attack outside the EZ. (An Intelligence equipment reliability analyst)

    The attack is made with obsolete (more dependable) torpedos of WW2 vintage because we cannot risk a battle of attrition inside the EZ with our unreliably equippped Navy.

    Then we wait for all the people with doctorates in international strategy to invent a conspiracy theory for the media and encourage whatever theory the erudite pose simply by denying it.

    And market share for the UK arms undustry is protected against exposure of it piddle poor quality control record.

    The Yanks cotton on to this and set up a system (somehow missed by all those experts with doctoral theses)whereby UK test technicians willing to give evidence can settle in USA with 25% of any moneys recovered from UK rquipment manufacturers who have flogged unreliable equipment to the Yank Armed Forces.

    So the Yanks went to US Court against two UK companies and got back millions (not marked PSNI as far as I know).

    Happily the UK had an enemy daft enough to use UK weapon systems against it. Hence the Argentine submarine fired its UK made torpedoes and Caramba they meeeeesed.

    A funny thing about this reliability analysis. A hospital backup generator is expexted at civil maintenance standards to fail 11 times out of 600 starts over a thirty year life.

    I put some of the sums on another thread.

    If the Sean Garland Plan of the IRA for industrial sabotage caused or inspired soemone to nobble such equipment … maybe the secret squirrels missed it on the basis we are actually pretty good at nobbling our own equipment by the custom and practice of our industry such as it is.

    If PSNI or Garda were to set up a fund to reward witnesses from industry (a la Yanks) … I don’t mind if their cheque has the account holder name just as long as it don’t bounce.

  • topdeckomnibus

    An email has requested more sums as they are fun says the writer.

    OK go to

    You can read how Kent Police decided not to act on breach of security complaints made in the year before the 22 9 89 bombing of Deal Royal Marine Barracks.

    On other threads it has been suggested (much to the disgruntlement of director Jane Winter) that British Irish Rights Watch is not even handed.

    There has been a complaint about BIRW to the Charity Commission (see letters on above site) that they fail to meet their charity registration objective to educate about the Irish security situation because they neithet mention nor weigh the Garland Plan in their teachings or advice.

    BIRW argued that the complainant cearly treated all arguments with the same weight. (Failing to see the irony that they were accused of giving wee Sean Garland no weight at all).

    So if we take on board the BIRW criticism and apply even weight to the 26 lines of inquiry ignored by Kent Police to sustain their decision not to act on breach of security warnings before the Deal bombing.

    What are the chances of 26 lines of inquiry even weighted failing to identify a threat ?

    Well the same as tossing a coin (provided it has heads one side tails the other) 26 times and it lands heads every time.

    That gives Kent Police about a one in loadsa millions chances of being right.

    Another way of looking at it is this. Was there a big bang on 22.9.89 which killed eleven Royal Marines ?

    And another way of looking at BIRW is this. One of the lines of inquiry is activity by an associate consistent with Stage Three of the Garland Plan.

    Hrnce back to BIRW policy to give nil weight to anything with a Garland label … extend this to the other 25 lines of inquiry and exonerate Kent Police on the basis there is no guman rights dimension in the deaths of eleven Royal Marines or in the deaths of child patients in post op ICU when backup generators fail unexpectedly at a hospital.

    On the other hand, for human rights purposes ?, the lives of Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson are so much more precious.

    A wee whiff of hypocrisy BIRW and even the maths seems to be agreeing ?

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    topdeckomnibus….you should get on Ritalin soon man .