Man barred from courthouse…

Chris Ward, the Poleglass man charged with collusion in the robbery of the Northern Bank who currently out on bail, has been banned from coming within a mile of his former workplace. According to the Andersonstown News it was in order to “prevent the former Northern Bank employee from interfering with prosecution witnesses, who may include other employees of the city centre bank”. Unfortunately it seems the one mile radius included Belfast Crown Court. Ya couldn’t make it up!

  • Tai

    I thought that was the whole point of life in N.Ireland, everybody just makes everything up. (presumably, because that way it all seems more believable).

  • but what a great excuse for failing to appear!

  • Crataegus


    Let’s face it on track record he will never have to appear!

  • Rodney

    It is common for defendants to have bail conditions to not go within a distance of a particular address or not to enter a particular defined area. If a court or solicitor’s office is within the exlcuded area the bail condition itself will read “not to go within 1 mile of …… save for attending court or a pre-arranged appointment at solicitor’s office”. If, by way of oversight, this was not drafted in the appropriate way, attending a court appearance would constitute a reasonable excuse.

    It doesn’t answer a more important question. If he has been charged with a crime of this magnitude, why is he on bail?

    Only in Northern Ireland.

    Why did Lord Justice Campbell not require a security, say in the sum of £26.5 million?

  • Reader

    Rodney: If he has been charged with a crime of this magnitude, why is he on bail?
    It may suit almost everyone if he went OTR.

  • Rodney

    Reader, he can’t “go OTR” as you put it. The legislation on appplies, as currently drafted, to offences committed before 10th April 1998.