Sinn Fein and the policing debate

The Andersonstown News Groups now prints the US based Irish Echo and distributes it in Ireland, which no doubt will increase its local impact. It celebrated the coup by including an important interview with Mitchell Reiss who stated that with the parity of esteem implicit in the Belfast Agreement comes parity of responsibility: “We think Sinn Féin has a responsibility to tell its constituents they should co-operate with the police – without fear of retribution – whenever dissidents, thugs and degenerates terrorize their communities.” This week Gerry Adams is not happy about what he describes as Reiss’s partisan intervention.

  • Pat

    Can somebody please clarify this for me. Is the Irish Echo now under the same editorial control as The Andersonstown News and Daily Ireland ???

  • Not so far as I know. I assumed it was a ‘print/distribution’ deal only. But I could be wrong.

  • Daisy

    “This week Gerry Adams is not happy about what he describes as Reiss’s partisan intervention.”

    Presumably had Reiss said that until fundamental changes are made to policing in NI no nationalist should be seen in a PSNI uniform, then Mr Adams would’ve had declared it a “welcome intervention”.

  • elfinto


    There are a couple of good articles in todays Belfast Telegraph about the activities of RUC/UVF death squads in Co Armagh during the mid 1970s. Apparently the PSNI has only just disclosed the forensic links between the weapons used to murder the Reavey brothers in Whitecross 30 years ago this week and another gun and bomb attack on a bar in Co Armagh the same year for which three serving RUC officers were subsequently convicted -they subsequently received suspended sentences from the so-called Lord Chief Justice of the time.

    I hope you will pick up on these articles as they shed yet more light on the dirty war.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams back in the late autumn of 04 negotiated what they thought was a stellar plan to get the Assembly (with them in it) back up and running…one of the things neogiated was the IRA was going to have to say they gave up criminal activity…..
    So, because SF was so eager to have the IRA make such a statement….in effect Sinn Fein put on the table…the IRA were criminials….
    This entire linkage of the IRA to criminality was Sinn Fein’s doing….now they are reaping what they sowed in negoatiations….