Reported crime incidents up…

Jonathan McCambridge on some massive local variations in crime statistics across Northern Ireland. Ten out nineteen District Command Units reported a decrease in crime, whilst nine reported increases. A sharp rise were in West Belfast showed a huge increase in reported offences – up 24.8%. Although, much of this relates to the Whiterock parade disturbances. In Fermanagh the number of crimes rose from 1,648 to 2,170 – an increase of 31.7%. It’s not clear whether any of this reflects a rise in actual crime or a rise in the reporting of crime to the PSNI.

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  • Pat Mc Larnon

    One wonders if these figures are available to Dr Reiss who apparently thinks there is a tidal wave of crime enveloping the place.

    Discounting unionist paramilitary murders, there were 20 murders in the North of Ireland last year. Perhaps Dr Reiss would like to comment on that?

  • Headbangor

    So much for Mr Adams saying West Belfast was not crime ridden the other day.

    mind you id say this is a good sign ….. more of his constituents are obviously reporting crimes to the PSNI.

    hopefully SF will take this on board & do the right thing.

  • BelfastGonzo

    A 24% increase in reported crime in West Belfast?!

    This is good news for Sinn Fein, as it prepares the grass roots to follow the SDLP onto the Policing Board.

  • willis


    It might be worth quoting the Irish Echo article.

    He said he feared “another year, at least, of lawlessness in republican and nationalist communities.”

    Not quite a tidal wave.

    Interesting though that he seemed to think that loyalist crime was due to poor education and frustration and republican crime due to the SF stance.

    He obviously has a very high view of SF’s influence as compared to the DUP.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Lawlessness is the absence of and form of law, whether statutory or moral. Dr Reiss’s troops probably kill more Iraqi civillians in a mornings work than the total that died in the North of Ireland in a full year. Thus he is in no position to lecture anyone.


    your 1.52am post does not bear any resemblance to the body of the article. How can unionist violence over Whiterock influence SF grassroots on the Policing Board.