Spies and/or damned lies?

The rumours flying around before Christmas have resumed. Mainly at the agency of former spy handler Martin Ingram (not his real name). His Cryptome article produces no direct evidence, but makes some big claims. Sinn Fein’s leader in the Dail, Caoimhghin O Caolain has promised to take Ireland on Sunday to court over its allegations that he was Garda spy.The Sunday Times kicked off speculation about two prominent Sinn Fein figures. Danny Morrison reports that the view inside Sinn Fein is stoical in the face of what he believes is British intelligence “dirty tricks” and “trial by media”. However Suzanne Breen picks up some dissent beyond Belfast.

  • Mickhall

    A feeling of unfinished business perhaps? We humans, no matter what our politics are very conservative beings.


  • elfinto


    The people who are the real fools are those who think that ‘armed struggle’ can bring about a united Ireland. Adams and McGuiness deserve huge credit for bringing it to an end. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the neanderthal constituency this makes them British agents.

    Ironically some so-called republicans are only too happy to wilfully give credence to allegations coming from within the British intelligence community. It appears that there are some in the word of spooks who will not be happy until the republican leadership has been assassinated.

    On a personal note, while I would take a lot of what Adams and McGuiness say with a pinch of salt, I would certainly not advocate their overthrow. They have a proven ability to lead – ruthless and deceitful though they may be. They have made a lot of painful, but necessary, compromises but the same can be said of the unionists and the British.