Robb once told of Loyalist collusion…

Deficient Brain has some detailed background on Lyndsey Robb, the former Loyalist gun runner who was killed in Glasgow on Saturday.

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  • elfinto

    I find it scandalous that Robb’s claims were not properly investigated. He admitted that the RUC Special Branch paid him £2,000 to frame Colin Duffy. Surely a case for Nuala O’Loan. Fortunately (for the Branch) the former star witness is no longer around.

    It wasn’t the first time the Branch tried to set up Duffy. In 1990 they used their golden boy Billy Wright to murder Duffy’s friend Sam Marshall. Duffy and another man narrowly escaped death in the incident as they left Lurgan RUC base after signing for bail. As clear cut a case of collusion as you are likely to come across.