Liddington: two problems with OTRs

David Liddington explains why his party abandoned a bipartisan approach to the OTR legislation. Apart from the legislation itself he believes the timing is flawed citing Sinn Fein’s continuing refusal to back the police, and notes that in practical terms that “the murderers of Robert McCartney have not been turned in; instead, his relatives have been driven from their homes by intimidation”. And that people who’ve been ‘exiled’ from Northern Ireland by the IRA and Loyalist organisations have not been guaranteed safe return.

  • I think that the Tories will keep faith on this issue. I worry that the Lib Dems may wobble, including their Peers!

  • Crataegus

    This legislation is debased, poorly thought through and if this government had any shred of common decency it would withdraw it. It is utterly disgraceful and arrogant to proceed. No one other than the guilty wants this.

  • martin ingram

    Crataegus. You are 100% right.


  • “if this government had any shred of common decency ”

    there’s the rub!