Hain’s carrot and sticks for 06

Peter Hain has undoubtedly been given a tough nut to crack. The political atmosphere in the wake of bank robberies, spy rings and mysteriously dropped legal cases, proposed massive changes to local government, not to mentioned the minor historical footnote of apparently complete IRA decommissioning, is soporific to say the least. His task is to whip some energy back into a polity in which most parties are nursing some form of internal discontent with the general state of things. It’s a tall order, but one that Hain, as one of Blair’s heavyweights in cabinet, will relish.

  • Ziznivy

    The idea of misgoverning Northern Ireland and dancing to Sinn Fein’s tune in order to promoate devolution being his heavyweight tactics?

  • Ziznivy,
    This is the mess you end up with,
    when you have so-called democratic parties,
    not participating in the democratic process.

  • Richard Wright

    If by cabinet heavyweight you mean what his weight is after the huge eating fest that is Christmas food then sure that is correct. However Hain has liitle more political punch in the cabinet then a David Blunket upper-cut and far less accuracy. And describing the DUP as tough nuts to crack is a bit harsh. They may be tough on Ulster Unionism tough on the causes of Ulster Unionism but nuts? No there all perfectly sane. Speaking of insanity I miss the NIUP! Come back Cedric I miss you! I voted for you once so come back please! I promise no more jokes!