Early Slugger on the Stormont crisis

I’ve just been fiddling around in the back end of the Internet. Pleasingly, I’ve managed to retrieve some of Slugger’s lost archives from the time of the Stormont crisis. The links run our quickly, but it’s worth fiddling around with. We hope to be able to recover these early files as soon as possible.

  • mark

    Amazing. You all followed British guidance on this story from the start, there was more to this than met the eye and none investigated.

    You (the media, independent and establishment) all followed the given line.

    None of you (establishment or independent) ever got close to the truth and still fail to follow any trail other than the given.

    You eat/print what British spooks give you.

    This saga emphasises there is no true investigative media in Ireland.

    No-one got close to the truth, no-one got the story.

    You all followed the establishment line.

    Each and every one of you lead by the nose.

    Ashamed? Embarassed? I doubt it.

    Media, my arse. You’ll follow the new spook spin.

    Easily led!

  • toadd

    If the best of journalism can be described as ‘speaking truth to power’, in this case everyone (bar a few ignored sceptics), including Slugger’s, repeated power’s line and never got near truth.

    The media and it’s easy acceptance of briefed ‘truth’ is well revealed.

    Complicit, lazy and useless.

    The ‘media’ was used and complicit in burying truth.

  • Following the media was all there was time for at that point Mark. And it is precisely what I set Slugger up to do – not to push my own opinions.

    It’s a classic part the news cycle, you follow the big breaking themes, and then you wait until the ‘thinkers’ come out. Sometimes it will take years for the truth to come out. And as Feeney said on Pat Kenny the other day, we are not likely ever to see the full truth of this emerge in our lifetime.

    Having said all that if you go forward from that entry you’ll find greater variety of views, including the theory that the whole thing was pulled down to provide cover for DT.

    As for spooks? Well, I agree with Martin McGuinness, they are just a part of the mix. By their nature there’s no way you can account for them at the time of ‘printing’. You have to rely on the fact that some of what you’re picking up is reliable reaction.

    As for there not being any true investigative journalism in Ireland: I have to agree. If you were looking for that the day Stormont collapse then I think you are being both unrealistic and unreasonable in your criticism of both Slugger and the wider media!

  • Paul

    Mark, Toadd, so you expected one of Slugger’s bloggers, or a journalist, to out a deep lying mole of nearly twenty years standing, get real. It took SF two years and they had all the information at hand.

  • Here’s my reporting on the day of the raid.

    The truth is, as Paul remarks, a rare commodity in Northern Ireland. Most parties prefer ‘closure’ as opposed to ‘disclosure’. And it’s hard to blame them. You cannot expect any single actor in the public domain to disclose their own secrets since the law does not compell their opponents to play by the same rule. That would be foolish in the extreme.